Content Translation in the Mobile Era: 3 Lessons to Learn the Easy Way

By: Special Guest    1/26/2015

The tech industry is working hard to destroy the virtual Tower of Babel. If you only speak English and Skype a Spanish speaker Microsoft will now tran…

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Super Bowl Sunday - Game on for TV Everywhere

By: Bob Wallace    1/22/2015

NBCUniversal is using the largest annual live sports viewing stage - the Super Bowl - to pitch consumers the benefit of a cable TV subscription - by o…

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Corporate Video Usage Widens and Gets Creative

By: Tara Seals    1/22/2015

At least 40 percent of organizations that use real-time video applications are employing it in more than a dozen use cases.

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Eat Your Heart Out Apple: Dell Tablet to Film Hollywood Movie

By: Rob Enderle    1/19/2015

I don't mean the tablet will be used in the film, I mean it will be used as the camera to create the movie. The tablet in question is the Dell Venue 8…

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Obama Administration Wants To Crack Down On Fruits Of Hacking

By: Oliver VanDervoort    1/19/2015

The law also makes it a felony to traffic in information such as passwords and trafficking will now include posting a link. Basically, the new law wou…

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OneWeb Satellite Broadband Venture Secures Funding, Generates Questions

By: Doug Mohney    1/16/2015

Will the world be surrounded by the largest satellite network ever created? OneWeb, formerly known as WorldVu Satellites, secured an undisclosed amoun…

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White House's Sweeping Cybersecurity Package Already Sparks Debate

By: Tara Seals    1/16/2015

Against the backdrop of a seemingly never-ending spate of data breaches, the White House made a renewed push this week for better cybersecurity legisl…

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America's Got Talent and It's Thriving on OTT TV

By: Bob Wallace    1/16/2015

Consider for a moment where subscription OTT services like Netflix, Amazon etc. would be today if it weren't for their creation of original series pro…

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Facebook At Work: Marketing Tool, Not Firing Offense

By: Steve Anderson    1/15/2015

Facebook At Work is available for iOS and Android, as well as a Web-based version available directly at Facebook itself, and at last report, all invol…

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Google Needs to Cure its ADD Before it is Too Late

By: Doug Mohney    1/14/2015

At risk of offending, Google has a cultural attention deficit disorder problem. It needs to start working to fixing it and put more effort into strate…

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President Obama Announces Steps for Affordable Universal Broadband: Competition and Local Choice Part of the Plan

By: Peter Bernstein    1/14/2015

It has become an indisputable fact that broadband connectivity and economic vitality go hand in glove. In the digital age it has become increasingly a…

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Word Lens, Faster Translations Means a Better Google Translate Experience

By: Steve Anderson    1/14/2015

Learning another language can be difficult, especially while living in areas in which only one language is spoken for several miles around. So to help…

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Facebook Set to Bolster Amber Alert System with News Feed

By: Steve Anderson    1/14/2015

The Amber Alert may be one of the most heartbreaking concepts out there. Reserved for when a child goes missing-the mechanism itself is actually a bac…

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Today's TechFast: It's All Rock 'n Roll To Me: Datacom Reportedly Gaining on Telecom

By: Rory J. Thompson    1/14/2015

Want to be in the know first thing in the morning? Click HERE to start your free subscription to Techfast -- and for the latest news from each day in …

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The Ubiquitous Social Media 'Buy' Button and the Journey of Authentication

By: Richard Moulds    1/14/2015

Last year, two of the world's largest social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, announced the addition of 'buy' buttons to their offerings, giving use…

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Qualcomm's AllPlay vs. Plays for Sure vs. Sonos: Getting to Critical Mass at CES

By: Rob Enderle    1/14/2015

AllPlay is Qualcomm's initiative to recreate the Sonos experience but across a number of vendors. The goal is basically to get the industry to a point…

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CENTCOM Under Fire as Pro-ISIS Hackers Seize Twitter, YouTube Accounts

By: Steve Anderson    1/13/2015

For anyone who's been on the Internet for any length of time, it's likely that person already knows someone who's had a Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube …

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Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing Report, Reveals Top Priorities for Marketers

By: Peter Bernstein    1/13/2015

With the enhancing of the customer experience (CX) now firmly entrenched globally as a C-level top priority, and marketing/outbound communications of …

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Connected Brains at CES 2015

By: Doug Mohney    1/12/2015

The brain got a lot of attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Concussion monitoring, game control through brainwaves and better mental heal…

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Audio and Voice Play Key Roles at CES 2015

By: Doug Mohney    1/12/2015

Among the unmanned drones, wearable devices, and connected everything (home, car, pet, child, head) stocking up the aisles of CES 2015, voice and audi…

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CES 2015: Intel Compute Stick Offers a Tablet's Power in a Thumb Drive's Footprint

By: Steve Anderson    1/9/2015

Not so long ago, it was said with something like a lament that technology was constantly getting smaller. Computers were shrinking from the room-filli…

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CES: 4K Gets Ready for Its Close-up

By: Tara Seals    1/9/2015

4K Ultra HD represents an increase in TV resolution that is four times higher than conventional high definition (HD) television. So far, a lack of con…

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The Real 3D Printer News from CES 2015

By: Doug Mohney    1/9/2015

The 3D printing market is on the verge of going ballistic in the areas of price, materials, and concepts. I spent time on the exhibit floors and media…

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DISH 'Details' Work-in-Progress, Millennial-Targeted, OTT Service

By: Bob Wallace    1/8/2015

DISH Networks outlined the framework, minus critical detail for sports fans, for its long-awaited OTT service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las …

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Today's TechFast: 5G, Telehealth &CRM

By: Stefania Viscusi    1/8/2015

TMC's Techfast newsletter for Thursday, January 7, 2015: In a saturated market, the key to success is stealing customers from the competition. C…

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Best of CES: Some Truly Amazing Products and One Killer Keynote

By: Rob Enderle    1/7/2015

I've been in Las Vegas now since Saturday, and have attended an impressive number of briefings and events. I've also walked most of the major show seg…

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Today's TechFast: Ask, and Ye Might Receive

By: Rory J. Thompson    1/7/2015

TMC's Techfast newsletter for Wednesday, January 7, 2015:

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Does Verizon Have its Eyes on AOL?

By: Steve Anderson    1/6/2015

2015 is getting off to a flying start, as new reports suggest that Verizon Communications may be setting up talks with AOL about a few important topic…

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Work Smart: 2015 is the Year of Productivity in the Cloud

By: Special Guest    12/31/2014

In 2014 we saw cloud prices race towards $0. As they're now in a commodity business, major cloud storage vendors such as Amazon and Google have announ…

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The Amazing Stories of 2015

By: Rob Enderle    12/31/2014

As we approach the final countdown to the end of the year I thought I'd list some of the big stories and some of the important angles that otherwise m…

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Neohapsis 2015 Security Predictions

By: Special Guest    12/29/2014

Predictions are a tough task in an industry as fast-moving as technology, and security rides the fastest part of this tiger's tail. Nonetheless, our t…

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Microsoft: The Killer Cloud Voice Provider

By: Doug Mohney    12/29/2014

Next year may get uncomfortable for the hodge-podge of business cloud voice providers scattered across the landscape. Microsoft is coming to town, and…

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The Year of Video Streaming: 5 Trends to Look for in 2015

By: Special Guest    12/24/2014

When I first started working on streaming media products in 1999, my colleagues and I were convinced that online video was going to be big someday. Ma…

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4K TVs and Monitors - When and Why

By: Rob Enderle    12/23/2014

As we approach the last days before we break for Christmas let's talk about a category of product that lots of folks seem to be rushing out and buying…

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CIOs Increase Expectations of Performance Management Solutions In 2015

By: Special Guest    12/19/2014

The role of the modern CIO is being reinvented, today's CIOs must be aligned with business initiatives for productivity, growth and profit to be succe…

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Security Experts Weigh in on Sony Hack

By: Peter Bernstein    12/19/2014

Frequent readers of my periodic postings on cyberattacks know that I receive literally hundreds of emails from various members of community every time…

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AMC Movie Pass: Desperate Measure or Cinema Evolution?

By: Bob Wallace    12/18/2014

In what could be the latest instance of too little too late in technology, media and entertainment, AMC Theaters is teaming with MoviePass, to trial a…

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2014 Was the Year of the Data Breach, But 2015 Could Be Worse

By: Tara Seals    12/17/2014

2014: The year of the data breach. Although technically the trend started with the massive credit card heist at Target last holiday season, 2014 reall…

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Gigabit Internet Service Unheard of in Much of US

By: Steve Anderson    12/17/2014

For most broadband Internet subscribers in the United States, the top of the heap is somewhere around 10 Mbps. Sure, there are other options, and some…

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Report: FCC Unlikely to Issue New Call for Open Internet Input

By: Paula Bernier    12/17/2014

It's a busy time at the Federal Communications Commission. Not only is the commission working to fill out its ranks, it's negotiating the delicate tas…

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2015 Set to Be a Standout Year for Enterprise Cloud Adoption

By: Laura Stotler    12/16/2014

2014 has been an exciting year for cloud computing, for both those providing infrastructure and services and those using those solutions. The cloud is…

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Today's TechFast: Frontier Pushes for Bigger Audience, T-Mobile Pushes for Lower Costs

By: Rory J. Thompson    12/16/2014

Buenas Dias! Frontier Communications Adding Bilingual Call Center Workers In a bid to corral more customers, telecom giant is reaching out for a wi…

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All the Shiny Things Will Still Require Security in 2015

By: Maurice Nagle    12/16/2014

Many IP service providers do not own their networks. This creates a scenario of sending secure data across public lines, something many professionals …

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The Wisdom of the Crowd Looks at What's Hot and What's Not on Data Science for 2015

By: Peter Bernstein    12/16/2014

CrowdFlower is an interesting company located in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. What makes them interesting is that they have a technology…

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An 'Hour of Code'? How About 5 Minutes for Security?

By: Doug Mohney    12/12/2014

This week marked an "Hour of Code," a not-for-profit effort that backers believe will teach up to 100 million people to be computer programmers. The c…

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Can DISH Deliver 'The' Sports-Heavy OTT Service?

By: Bob Wallace    12/12/2014

Lost in the viewer uproar over the retransmission dispute between CBS and DISH Networks last week was the very real possibility that the satellite TV …

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Strike the Black Flag: The Pirate Bay is Down... for Now

By: Steve Anderson    12/12/2014

It was a day that many thought would never actually happen, and not without reason. Considering the target in question, it seemed like a safe bet that…

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Sony Debacle: Land of the Free, Home of the Hacked

By: Maurice Nagle    12/11/2014

Americans have always taken great pride in the Bill of Rights, the inalienable rights each human deserves. Over time we have seen some of these "right…

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