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It may be that working remotely in the midst of the chaos that is 'the devastation zone' in the New York City area thanks to Hurricane Sandy, has gotten to me. The headline above, which originally was constructed as a play on words, actually makes a lot of sense to me upon reflection.
With everything surrounding the presidential election and Hurricane Sandy you might have missed something of interest in the ongoing battle of the ecosystem giants Google and Apple. As most of you are probably aware, October 30th, the night before Halloween typically has public safety officials in the U.S. on their toes because it carries the unofficial title of "Mischief Night." Call it coincidence, but Google chose Mischief Night to release its most advanced version of voice search for the Google iOS app. This is very mischievous indeed.

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WEBINAR: SDN: Integration at the Edge: Maximizing Results, Minimizing Risk and Investment

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 TIME: 2:00PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT


As a tactical reality, integration at the network edge is not a new concept. Connecting networks and devices through third party bridges and gateways, without having to upgrade or modify networks or devices on either side of the junction, has been part of the technology landscape for decades. However, new economic and technical realities have moved this idea of edge integration from a tactical short- term solution, to a long-term strategic one. Innovation moves technology forward so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep network core elements up to date. Plus, the current worldwide economic climate impacts the decision over new technology deployments. No company wants to waste cash or talent on a technology that may fade before it sees wide adoption. "Integration at the Edge" addresses these issues by detailing a broad range of strategies that empower enterprises and service providers to improve network performance and efficiency by implementing innovative and cost-effective technologies at the edge. The use of flexible, intelligent devices, such as gateways and transcoding solutions, enable a variety of IP Services (VoIP, Unified Communications, Video, Call Recording, SIP Trunking) while minimizing capital investment, leveraging existing infrastructure, and mitigating service disruption and the need for user retraining.

In this Webinar, the attendee will learn:
  • How to leverage a TDM Core for media and signaling delivery from IP Connected Devices
  • Strategies for migrating from a TDM Infrastructure to a hybrid TDM/IP Infrastructure
  • Methods for connecting TDM resources (IVR Systems, Fax Servers, Analog Telephones or entire Call Centers) to an IP Infrastructure
  • Using Flexible, Intelligent, Multi-Purpose Edge Devices to Future Proof network investments

It has been rumored that Microsoft is not planning to stop its Surface efforts with tablets, that there may very well be a Surface smartphone coming down the road as well. In any case, today Microsoft held a Windows Phone 8 (WP8) follow-up media event to last Thursday's Windows 8 and Surface RT launch event.
One of the true marvels of our times has been what I like to characterize as "The Megaphone Effect," the ability to let even just one voice have impact on billions of people almost instantaneously. From the Arab Spring to the presidential election in the U.S. to the latest phenomena on YouTube or Twitter, examples abound.
Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast this week and knocked out 25 percent of U.S. cell phone towers, the FCC said. The massive storm led to floods, power outages, high winds and snow - all of which affected cell phone towers, according to the Federal Communications Commission.
Among certain media wonk circles, Windows RT isn't as "good" as full blown Windows 8 because you don't get the backwards binary compatibility with the gazillion apps that run on Windows PCs. This thread is just overblown, given where the Microsoft Surface tablet and other pure RT tablets are going and what they need to do. It's all about the tablet and affordability
Facebook employees can sell their stock this week with a ban lifted on insider sales. Up to 234 million shares and stock options could be sold.
There is clearly an interesting change happening in the personal technology industry. Microsoft has done two launches that appear to come from Apple's own playbook while Apple just did a launch that reminded me a lot of Compaq. It is starting to look like we are having a changing of the guards and that, with the firings this week and the financial miss last week, Apple is trending down and Microsoft has actually had lines for the Surface tablet (go figure?) so they appear to be trending up.

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