AMX Debuts Rapid Project Maker

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez April 19, 2012

AMX, a provider of solutions that simplify the process of creating environments via technology, just launched its newest product, known as Rapid Project Maker (RPM).

RPM, a cloud-based solution, allows installers to easily configure AMX systems and get them running with a wizard, much like Windows Installer. This lets them fully control every aspect of the project from the ground up – including configuration – without having to know a whole lot about programming. In fact, it doesn’t require any such knowledge!

With added simplification, people who want to install these systems can deploy a conference room in a synch, with touchscreen interfaces and system installation walkthroughs. Anyone who uses a room packed with AMX’s Controller, a DVD player, monitor display, laptop, and videoconferencing solution can easily configure all of this stuff to run together in an hour, tops.

Before such a simplification was possible, you’d end up with the hassle of actually having to run through the system setup and get every element to work with one another. It was like herding cats. Now, it’s as simple as clicking a few radio buttons and clicking “Next.”

AMX was able to create RPM through its three decades of application programming and user interface experience, with its very own talent. RPM isn’t just meant to program single rooms, though. It’s able to adapt to different situations and projects, making it simple to get any type of conference going. The possibilities literally border on stratospheric.

AMX CTO Robert Noble said, “RPM is a feature-rich tool that enables system programmers with little or no AMX programming experience to implement control solutions for meeting rooms, teaching spaces and lecture/presentation venues. It also functions as a time-saving tool for seasoned designers who need to rapidly design and deploy solutions.”

RPM’s cloud-based hierarchy allows installers to pre-spawn their own configurations for different situations and just load them up from the cloud. This makes anyone able to rig up a conference in minutes, at best.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on RPM, just ask AMX for it. At the moment, they’re offering it to those who request it directly.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

TechZone360 Contributor

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