Device Charges Your iPhone and Cooks Your Dinner When You Go Off the Grid

By Amanda Ciccatelli May 09, 2012

When you go camping, is your biggest concern how will you be able to charge your gadgets while you are out in the middle of nowhere? Well, the BioLite Biomass Burning CampStove may be the solution to your outdoor technology problems. The innovative device doubles as a stove and an electronic charger for your phone and other gadgets.

So, how does the BioLite CampStove work exactly? It’s easy. Gather some wood or pine cones from around the campsite and stick them into the CampStove. The device then uses its thermo-electric generator to turn 5000 watts of thermal energy into electrical energy. Just 10 minutes after starting the fire, the USB port can also power your gadgets.

Only weighing about two pounds and measuring 8.25” by 5” when packed in your bag, BioLite is conveniently compact for traveling.

The CampStove fan only requires 1 watt and the device uses the extra electric energy from the generator to power or charge USB devices like smart phones, GPS receivers, and LED lights. The CampStove uses the fan to keep the combustible gasses inside the fire. Those trapped gasses make the fire burn more efficiently, burn 50 percent less fuel, and even reduce emissions by 95 percent, according to BioLite.

Besides camping, the CampStove is great to have on hand when the power goes out in a storm or other natural disasters. It offers the convenience of being able to cook as well as keep electronics charged while power lines are down.

BioLite claims that it plans to use the money from CampStove to fund another product called HomeStove, which would provide billions of people without access to electricity the chance to use wood fires to cook their meals while reducing exposure to smoke emissions.

Planning a spring or summer camping trip? Visit BioLite’s website to purchase the CampStove for just $129.

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