Got a Great Graduate in Need of a Grand Gift? Get Them a Gratifying Gadget!

By Jamie Epstein June 18, 2012

As most college graduates have already moved their tassels from right to left after finally receiving that truly deserved diploma, and as high school graduation ceremonies are quickly approaching, what do you get someone entering a completely different phase of their life?

As money is always a great go-to option, sometimes you just want your gift to be more personal. Luckily for you, today I will let you know about some great technology gift ideas for that special, newly graduated gal or guy in your life.

Apple’s iPad
Let’s be honest – who doesn’t want this amazing tablet that is virtually limitless in terms of capabilities? I know I do (anyone?)! Starting at around $399, this device can be used for multiple things including searching the Web, reading, and watching movies while on-the-go. A little pricy, but hey isn’t your great grad worth it?

Amazon Kindle fire
Though they are no longer required to read boring textbooks filled with a lot of information they will probably never use, encourage your special grad to now read for pleasure! This innovative, much less expensive tablet can be yours for a much more reasonable $199. However, it doesn’t allow you do as many things, but it’s a perfect medium that can leveraged to tool around the Web and look for that dream job that is just waiting for you!

JAMBOX Speaker
Either after four years of high school or the same amount of time spent in college, every new graduate deserves a graduation party to kick start this new phase of life! And to help you get those tunes ‘a- pumpin’, JAMBOX, a compact speaker system that can be held in your hand, delivers high quality sound right to your ears. Boasting the functionality needed to seamlessly integrate any Bluetooth device with this novel sound system, it is ideal for parties that will run until the sun comes up. For around $299, this gadget is for that super duper graduate looking to finally relax, in the sun, with their favorite music blasting away.

Samsung DualView Camera
As one door closes and another opens, who doesn’t want to record the major milestones in their lives? With this pretty snazzy camera, you can do that and more. Touted as powering around 12.2 megapixels, this offering will be sure to keep your most precious memories safe for all time, and it is great when attempting to take a wide group shot as it includes a state-of-the-art “Self Portrait” front-facing LCD screen.

HP Mini 210
Even though most graduates couldn’t have gotten through school without a reliable computer accessible to them, the small and extremely portable HP Mini 210 comes in multiple cute colors, has a webcam so high school grads can stay in touch with loved ones no matter where they decide to go to college whether it be in Hawaii or London, and runs Microsoft Windows 7. Never have to worry again about your son or daughter suffering from back problems from walking miles with their heavy computer in the backpack, as this laptop is one of the lightest around.  

These are just a selection of some of the coolest and most popular solutions currently on the market. However, be sure to remember that what matters most to your grad is that you just let them know each and every day how truly proud they have made you.

Edited by Braden Becker

TechZone360 Web Editor

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