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By Steve Anderson September 01, 2012

With a long holiday weekend on the horizon, it would be easy to think that the news in technology slacked off accordingly. Thankfully, that's not the case, and we had plenty of exciting news to bring your way from all over the sector, and nowhere is that made clearer than in our Week in Review coverage, where we show you in no uncertain terms just how much went on by highlighting the biggest points of the week for you.

First we had a look at the effects of the Apple win over Samsung in terms of innovation. As it turns out, people aren't too big on innovation--at least not in large amounts--and the Apple win is going to help innovation significantly, therefore few will be happy about the win. There have been several major innovations over the years--like the Windows Phone system, the Dvorak Simplified keyboard, and the Ford Edsel--that were clearly innovative, but also poorly received by the market at large.

Next came the results of a survey about cloud computing that suggested, more than anything, that people could certainly stand a bit more in the way of education about just what "cloud computing" actually is. While there was good news--many business responses said that there were useful advantages in cloud computing--there was also bad, in that a majority of respondents thought that stormy weather could interfere with cloud computing, showing the need for more education.

Then we took a closer look at the supposed "post-PC era", and discovered that, indeed, there was an impact on PC sales relative to this concept. While no one's sure just what "post-PC" means, it's clear that at least some users are moving away from the full-on desktop PC and moving instead to smartphones and tablets instead. This is affecting PC sales, and not positively. But with Windows 8 coming soon, this may once again shift the market balances.

Next we examined the role of monitoring software at work. There are simple ways to tell if there is some kind of monitoring software being currently used on a computer, but not all the ways to tell are that simple. While we looked at both sides of the "how to tell" equation, both on the PC itself and at the network level, we also discovered that getting some privacy was also possible, but required some planning and the understanding of how to work around common issues.

Finally we had a public service message about clicking on direct links in tweets. A new kind of Twitter exploit is making the rounds and taking over Twitter accounts in some cases, as tweets are going out asking questions like "What are you doing in this video?" Clicking on the link unleashes a maelstrom of these tweets, sent to a user's entire list of followers. Based on something the experts call the Blackhole Exploit Kit, the kit has largely eluded both anti-malware and anti-virus software, at least for now.

With the Apple / Samsung lawsuit's resolution dominating the news and plenty more technology besides, it's clear that tech never sleeps, not even with summer's last hurrah, Labor Day Weekend, staring it right in the face. That's why our global online community is always in the hunt for more news to bring your way, and why we always bring it full circle every weekend with our Week in Review coverage. So enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and we'll see you right back here for more great tech coverage and, of course, our Week in Review wrap-up!

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