Image of Child with Rifle Posted to Facebook Sparks Outcry

By Jamie Epstein March 21, 2013

I can’t even count how many times I have clicked on someone’s page on social network megasite Facebook only to be shocked that someone could be so dumb to post something to a public forum where countless people can view their idiotic behavior. Yet, a recent story seems to take the cake – for now at least.

The case involves the picture of a 10-year-old boy holding an assault rifle being displayed on the site as if the kid is holding up a trophy or something else he might have won. After a tipster informed police of the photo, child welfare workers and cops alike headed directly to the house of the child, causing his father, Shawn Moore, to claim the state of New Jersey was infringing on his rights to bar arms. Moore was also majorly miffed that the officials stormed into his home sweet home without a warrant.

“They had no warrant, no charges, nothing,” Moore penned on the Delaware Open Carry online forum late last week after the incident.

After entering the location, cops reportedly asked the tradesman to open his gun safe, and he put his foot down, answering with a resounding no.

“I was told I was being unreasonable and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn’t open my safe,” he added. “Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told ’em go ahead.”

While Moore did admit the gun was a birthday present for his son Josh’s upcoming 11th birthday, he says he was just passing on the tradition of shooting guns to his offspring, which is something he himself has been doing since he was five.

The lawyer representing the father is claiming the act of entering the suspect’s house went against multiple amendments including the first, second and fourth, since he was abiding by the free speech guidelines when posting the photo online as well as following gun and privacy mandates within his home.

While the Department of Youth and Family Services has yet to comment on the impending case, you can’t help but relay this story back to the massive amount of news out there currently that pertains to the hot topic of gun control throughout the United States.

Just yesterday, I discussed how The Obama administration has outlined three key steps to change gun regulations which include: reinstating the assault-weapons ban that was eliminated back in 2004, raising the bar on background checks on each and every gun purchase, and even implementing quotas on how many gun clips and magazines can be purchased within a set period. All of which have yet to be passed.

To protect the public, technology like the iGun solution is increasingly being turned to in order to restrict who can fire these deadly weapons. Shots will only be fired if a ring on a finger that is comprised of onyx and specific codes matches the one its rightful owner would possess.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Should anyone who wants a gun be able to have one? No matter what side of the fence you are on, this issue doesn’t look like it will be solved anytime soon.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

TechZone360 Web Editor

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