PlayStation Network Falls Prey to 'Irregular Activity'

By Steve Anderson November 26, 2013

With the events of 2011 still likely ringing in Sony's collective ears, and the recent launch of the PlayStation 4 to consider, something rather unusual happened for some users of the PlayStation Network (PSN): Sony Europe reportedly reset some users' passwords in an event that was described by some rather vague terms. The measure itself was referred to as “precautionary,” and was taken in light of some “irregular activity,” in which Sony advised that some users “may need to reset” passwords following said “irregular activity.”

Just what the “irregular activity” in question is, Sony doesn't appear terribly eager to tell. Though Sony reps note that, should users have access to the date of birth and e-mail address of the account in question, users will then be able to make the necessary changes without help. Those without one of these chunks of information will need to contact Sony proper and get assistance that way. Further, Sony reps note that the company “routinely monitor (s) for irregular activity,” and when such activity is found, may step in and reset Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account passwords just as a precaution.

Reports suggest that the total number of PSN users hit by this change is fairly small all told, and for those who haven't logged in lately, it would probably be a good idea to do so and see if the account is still operational. It may even be a smart idea to change the password on general principles.

Some days it seems like it's never been more dangerous to be online in any capacity. With increasing numbers of hackers out looking for illicit financial information and access to same, something as simple as going online to play a game just gets to seeming like it's too risky to stand. Of course, it's not like this sort of thing happens often—a point for which we should all be duly thankful—and it's clear that Sony's favoring the pro-active side of things in resetting some accounts and putting out the word accordingly to the rest. Sure, maybe Sony's just jumping at shadows, but the old saw about once bitten yielding twice shy is still very much in force. After all, those events of 2011 are probably still fresh wounds to Sony, who hasn't exactly been having a good time of things lately and badly needs the PlayStation 4's launch and beyond to go as smoothly as possible. A bit of overreaction—if this can even be called that—on Sony's part is therefore reasonable enough.

It's an increasingly dangerous online world out there, and a still soft economy makes it clear that it's not likely to improve any time soon. So be safe, maybe change a password or two, watch your credit card statements and enjoy the game.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

Contributing TechZone360 Writer

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