The 1-2-3s of Google's ABCs: How Will Alphabet Affect You?

By Special Guest
Hayley Erickson
August 13, 2015

This week, the all mighty and powerful Google announced it will be a subsidiary of a new holding company called “Alphabet.” Last year, Google reported more than $14 billion in profit on $66 billion in sales, primarily from its Internet advertising. The largest search engine in the world certainly turned heads when the CEO and co-founder, Larry Page, announced the rebranding of the name. Taking on Alphabet, Page will become the new CEO, Google co-founder Sergey Brin will become the president, and Eric Schmidt will become the executive chairman. Google head of product and engineering Sundar Pichai Will take over as Google’s CEO.

While this may seem to be of shock to many, Google claims this as their Alpha-BET, as they have confidence in making what they have “cleaner and more accountable” and for having better structure in the future opportunities to come. Tech Analyst Larry Magid agrees with Google’s decision, stating dividing the large and overwhelming service Google offers will make things more entrepreneurial and less potential for bureaucracy.

So as Alphabet takes over, what will all this mean for you? Here are the 1-2-3s of it:

1. If you are a business using Google Ad Word, Google Analytics, or simply investing in stocks, not much has changed. Google shares will convert into Alphabet shares, but GOOGL and GOOG will continue to trade on NASDAQ. Much of the business amenities will remain in Google, but will be overseen by Sundar Pichai, who climbed his way to the top and is now the most important operating executive. Those who have spent months and years learning Google’s business tools don’t have to worry about new utilization rules, and should continue to focus on ways to optimize revenue and grow and succeed.

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Businesses that will stay a part of Google include:

  • Search
  • Advertising
  • Maps
  • Apps
  • YouTube
  • Android

So what has exactly moved around?

2. Businesses under the umbrella of Alphabet:

  • Calico (Anti-aging research and development company)
  • Fiber (Google’s high speed internet speed)
  • Google Capital (Investment Arms: Late stage and growth equity investments)
  • Google Ventures (Investment Arms: Early stage investments)
  • Google X (A semi-secret innovative lab creating flying delivery drones, self-driven cars, and other wacky robotics that will take over our future)
  • Nest (Popularly known for the Nest Thermostat and other smart home products)

3. All things being said, not much will affect the general public and your business—as of now at least. The idea of having “.xyz” as a top-level domain may change the way we use the Web in the future. Some sites may need to adjust to meet the needs to “.xyz” or other future companies may be challenged to expand the creativity and branding of their domains.

A variety of domains may even lead to further expansion of the cloud and stretch it further than before. Be sure to prepare for these potential adjustments when they come around.

About the Author: Hayley Erickson is a content writer at Broadview Networks, where she enjoys sharing valuable content across all our social platforms. She particularly loves writing for Broadview’s blog because it gives her the opportunity to share tangible advice on how businesses can leverage technology to gain competitive advantages, control costs, provide superior service, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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