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Tracey E. Schelmetic is a TMCnet contributing editor.


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IT Industry Council Supports Bipartisan Resolution Opposing UN Regulation of Internet 05/31/2012
It's Official: We Like Talking to Machines More Than Real People 05/11/2012
President Issues Executive Order Punishing Those Who Aid Syria and Iran Governments with Tracking Technology 04/23/2012
White House Issues Report About Online Intellectual Property Amid the Wreckage of SOPA 04/03/2012
Proposed UK Legislation Would Greenlight Warrantless Government Spying on Citizens 04/02/2012
Yahoo Drops Efforts to Block Documents on 2008 Microsoft Merger Attempt 03/27/2012
FTC Urges Web Browser Companies to Give Consumers Privacy Options 03/27/2012
French President Sarkozy Calls for Jailing Repeat Visitors to Extremist Web Sites 03/23/2012
Twitter Co-founder Says Users Shouldn't Spend Too Much Time on the Microblogging Site 02/24/2012
Microsoft Accuses UK Retailer of Pirating and Selling Windows 01/04/2012
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Monitoring the Baby Over Your iPhone or iPad 12/02/2011
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WikiLeaks Suspends Publishing to Raise Money 10/25/2011
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Sony Issuing Replacement Part for 1.6 Million Bravia Televisions 10/12/2011
Chicago Considering Ban on Texting While Cycling 10/04/2011
Wireless Phone Illness Suit Rejected by SCOTUS 10/04/2011
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Young People Think Online Slurs Are 'Joking' as Long as They Are Directed at Others 09/20/2011
Apple Wins Infringement Battle Against Samsung in Germany 09/12/2011
UK Customer Satisfaction Index for Restaurants and Automakers Shows Stagnation 09/07/2011