Cindy Waxer

Cindy Waxer is a Toronto-based freelance journalist specializing in business and technology. She has written for publications including TIME, Fortune Small Business, Business 2.0, Computerworld, Canadian Business, and Workforce Management.


Latest Articles

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Agrees to New Privacy Terms with FTC 03/31/2011 Acquires Radian6 03/30/2011
India Lags in Internet Access: Study 03/30/2011
Cisco Acquires newScale 03/29/2011
eBay Acquires GSI Commerce 03/28/2011
IBM Opens New Lab in Taiwan 03/28/2011
Yahoo Improves Web Search 03/25/2011
Microsoft Site Readies Users for Update 03/24/2011
IBM to Acquire TRIRIGA 03/24/2011
IBM Templates to Expedite Deployment, Cut Costs 03/23/2011
Dell Introducing New Generation of Microservers 03/22/2011
Advanced Micro Devices Hires New CIO 03/22/2011
Netflix Encounters Privacy Suits 03/21/2011
Facebook Snaps Up Snaptu 03/21/2011
AT&T to Customers: Either Pay Up or Stop Unofficial Tethering 03/18/2011
Angry Birds Creator Sets Sights on IPO 03/18/2011
Microsoft Boasts IE9 Download Frenzy 03/17/2011
Android 50 Percent Faster than iPhone 4: Browser Study 03/17/2011
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HP CEO's Head in the Clouds 03/15/2011
Proposed Bill to Protect Consumers from Cell Phone Taxes 03/14/2011
Study: The Web Surpasses Newspapers in News Delivery 03/14/2011
Clearwire Chief Calls it Quits 03/11/2011
Sony Picks Possible Successor 03/10/2011
AOL Begins Layoffs 03/10/2011
HP to Package WebOS with Every One of its PCs by 2012 03/09/2011
Apple's iOS 4.3 Arrives Early 03/09/2011
Adobe's Wallaby Converts Flash Into HTML 03/08/2011
Google Buys 03/08/2011
Study: People are Tech-savvy - and Sleepy 03/07/2011
French Government Under Cyber Attack 03/07/2011
Apple Releases iOS 4.3 to Developers 03/04/2011
Twitter Co-founder Keeps Matters Private 03/03/2011
Apple's iPad 2 Available March 11 03/03/2011
Google Changes Result in Mahalo Staff Cuts 03/02/2011
Google Removes Stolen Apps from Market 03/02/2011
Evernote for iPhone gets a Redesign 03/01/2011
Sony PlayStation 3 Banned from Europe - For Now 03/01/2011
Sen. Schumer Calls for Greater Security 02/28/2011
NEC Slashes Profit Forecast by 40 Percent 02/25/2011
Apple Adds Sandy Bridge Processors to MacBook Pro 02/25/2011
HP Earnings Increase but Falls Short of Wall Street Expectations 02/23/2011
Cisco Mail Folds 02/23/2011
Amazon Launches Video Streaming Service for Prime Members 02/22/2011
Lenovo Launches Battery-Strong Notebooks 02/22/2011
Otellini Named to Obama Jobs Council 02/20/2011
Obama Joined For Dinner by Tech Titans 02/17/2011
Norton Arms Consumers Against Cybercrime 02/17/2011
Cablevision's 4Q Profit Skyrockets 02/16/2011
LG Unveils 3D TV 02/16/2011
TCS Banking on Cloud Computing for $1 Billion in Revenue 02/15/2011
Clinton to Speak Up for Internet Freedom 02/15/2011
Sony Ericsson Reveals PlayStation Phone 02/14/2011
Demand Mounting for Better Telco Service 02/14/2011
Nokia and Microsoft Join Forces 02/11/2011
Deloitte Study Reveals 2011 Digital Trends 02/10/2011
Nokia Likely To Join Forces With Windows Phone 02/10/2011
Nokia CEO's Leaked Memo Doesn't Mince Words 02/09/2011
Microsoft Reportedly Seeking Management Changes 02/09/2011
FCC Proposes New Way to Subsidize Internet Services 02/08/2011
Is Email on the Outs with Today's Youth? 02/08/2011
Motorola Xoom's Hefty (and Unconfirmed) Price Tag 02/07/2011
AOL to Acquire Huffington Post 02/07/2011
On Cusp of iPhone4 success, Verizon Talks Throttling 02/04/2011
Sony Quarterly Profit Dips 02/03/2011
Bidders Ready to Battle for Nortel Patents 02/03/2011
T-Mobile 3D Tablet On Its Way 02/02/2011
Egypt Back Online 02/02/2011
Oracle Pays $46 Million to Settle Kickback Lawsuit 02/01/2011
Google Helps Egyptians be Heard 02/01/2011
So-Called 'Kill Switch' Legislation Back on the Table 01/31/2011
India Pushes for BlackBerry Access 01/31/2011
Toshiba Back to Black 01/31/2011
Amazon Unveils Kindle Singles 01/27/2011
Canalys: PC Market Growth Exploding 01/27/2011
Online Retail Sales on the Rise 01/26/2011
Obama Calls for Expanded Broadband Access 01/26/2011
Egypt Restricts Access to Facebook 01/26/2011
Fiber-Optic Networks on the Rebound 01/26/2011
Orange Negotiates with Dailymotion for Stake in Video Market 01/25/2011
Huawei Sues Motorola for IP Infringement 01/24/2011
Facebook Raises $1 Billion 01/24/2011
Mozilla to Help Users Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising 01/24/2011
Verizon sues FCC 01/21/2011
HP Directors to Probe into Hurd Departure 01/20/2011
Engadget's Exclusive Peek at the Palm Tablet 01/19/2011