Beecher Tuttle

Beecher Tuttle is a TMCnet contributor. He has extensive experience writing and editing for print publications and online news websites. He has specialized in a variety of industries, including health care technology, politics and education. He received his bachelor's degree in English from the University of Colorado.


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Sprint CEO Returns $3.25 Million in Bonuses to Appease Investors 05/08/2012
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Facebook IPO Penciled-In for May 18 05/03/2012
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Facebook Reports Revenue, Profit Declines in Q1 04/24/2012
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New York Accuses Sprint of Tax Fraud, Seeks $300 Million in Penalties 04/19/2012
Contract Subscriber Growth Drives Verizon to Better-than-Expected Q1 04/19/2012
Toshiba Subsidiary Acquires IBM's Point-of-Sale Business Unit for $850 Million 04/17/2012
Groupon Acquires Mobile Recommendation App 04/17/2012
RIM in Talks with External Advisors, May Be Considering Shift in Strategy 04/16/2012
Best Buy Unveils List of Store Closures, Thousands to Lose Jobs 04/16/2012
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Digium Intros New Asterisk-Based VoIP Gateways 03/26/2012
Serial Entrepreneur Kevin Rose Hired by Google 03/20/2012
Apple Set to Pay Dividend, Buy Back $10 Billion in Stock 03/19/2012
Google Hires Former DARPA Chief 03/14/2012
Google hires former Pentagon Chief 03/14/2012
ARM, Intel Prepare for Battle 03/12/2012
FBI Nabs Five Alleged Anonymous Members with Help from Fellow Hacker 03/07/2012
Apple, Google Agree to Sit Down with Schumer to Discuss User Privacy Concerns 03/06/2012
Broadband to Be Major Component of NY Gov's Job Creation Push 03/05/2012
AMD Gives up Equity Stake in GlobalFoundries as Part of Restructured Relationship 03/05/2012
Google Ignores Cries of Regulators, Implements New Privacy Policy 03/01/2012
HP Trims WebOS Staff by 275 02/29/2012
Regulator Says Google's New Privacy Policy Fails to Meet EU Standards 02/28/2012
Tech Companies Raising Record Levels of Cash via Kickstarter 02/23/2012
White House Asks Internet Companies to Follow Online Privacy Law, Even Though it hasn't Been Written Yet 02/23/2012
App Stores to Enforce Privacy Policy Standards, Courtesy of California 02/23/2012
iPad's Market Share to Dip only Slightly in 2012: Report 02/22/2012
Alibaba Bids to Take E-Commerce Site Private 02/22/2012
South Carolina Gets One Step Closer to Passing Stricter Gambling Law 02/22/2012
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Adobe Eliminates 750 Jobs as Part of Company-Wide Restructuring Program 11/09/2011
Miami Heat Owner Fined $500k for Seven-Word Tweet 11/02/2011
Yahoo Acquires Ad Software Firm Interclick for $270 Million 11/01/2011
Heavily Discounted HP TouchPad Back on Sale, but There's a Catch 11/01/2011
Industrial Control Equipment May be Vulnerable to New Style of Attacks: Report 10/24/2011
Nvidia GPUs to Power the World's Top Supercomputer 10/11/2011
India Testing RIM Data Interception Solution 10/03/2011
Finnish Startup Looking to Bring E-Commerce to the Blogosphere 09/21/2011
Nearly One-Third of Americans Prefer Texting over Talking: Study 09/20/2011
Samsung Looking to Take Bada OS Open Source in 2012: Report 09/20/2011
Massive Damages Reinstated in Illegal Downloading Case 09/19/2011
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Future BMW Models to Feature Laser-Powered Headlights 09/07/2011
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Hurricane Irene Took Down More than 6,000 Cell Sites: FCC 08/30/2011
3D Printer Outfit MakerBot Raises $10 Million 08/24/2011
HP Pre 3 Makes Quiet Debut on European Market, Headed to U.S. 'Soon' 08/17/2011
OS Fragmentation Hindering Non-iPad Tablet Growth 08/11/2011
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Image-Tagging Startup Pixazza Gets a New Name and a Fresh Business Model 07/27/2011
Qualcomm Purchases Assets of Motion-Sensing Specialist GestureTek 07/25/2011
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Google in Preliminary Buyout Talks with Wireless Patent Holder Interdigital: Report 07/21/2011
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Facebook Phonebook App on the Horizon? 07/18/2011
Sears Mistakenly Prices iPad 2 at $69, Refuses to Process Orders 07/18/2011
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PlayStation Network Hack was a 'Great Experience,' says Sony Exec 07/14/2011