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Company Name: RingCentral


A guide to building your business around the customer. The rules for customer engagement have changed. It’s no longer enough for companies to monitor their phone lines and email inboxes between nine and five. We live in an always-on society and organizations must adapt to stay relevant. But availability is just the start. Customers have moved past standard channels like phone and email. Now, they expect engagement on their channel of choice, be it SMS, social, phone, or something else entirely. Ultimately, customers want their interactions with you to be as easy as talking with a friend.

Amidst such fundamental behavioral change, the stakes are high. As analysts at PwC wrote, “You won’t have many chances to get it right. One in three consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.”

That’s why we created a modern customer engagement platform designed for effortless customer experiences. Leveraging next generation inbound, outbound, and digital
engagement technologies, RingCentral is leading a new era of customer service. Our full range of contact center features help businesses connect callers more intelligently with the right agent. So you can build a customer-centric service strategy while maintaining the flexibility to make changes on the fly.

Learn how to build the contact center of tomorrow.

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