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Building a Business Case for CX

Company Name: RingCentral


Customer experience has become critical. Today’s customers expect brands to not only meet their needs, but bend over backward to provide exceptional all-encompassing support. Achieving this level of success requires more than just your average contact center setup or friendly employee, it comes from customer-centric organizations that place the needs of the customer ahead of everything. Building better experiences is contingent upon unwavering buy-in and support from the larger organization.

This report will act as a comprehensive guide to securing CX investments to facilitate better, faster and stronger experiences that keep customers coming back. Building a business case for CX is straightforward but its impact must be translated effectively. Therefore, understanding the framing, messaging and intentions for change is key to receiving the buy-in necessary to succeed. With the right strategy in place, leaders will feel confident in their ability to convey the importance of CX, knowing the greater organization will benefit from heightened retention, sales opportunities and profitability.

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