5 Tips to Protect Your Website From Hackers

By: Contributing Writer    9/21/2022

Having an online presence today is critical for every organization, but as organizations increase their online visibility, they need to be constantly …

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Intel Addressing Semiconductor Challenge with $20B Silicon Heartland Facility

By: Greg Tavarez    9/20/2022

Intel broke ground at the Silicon Heartland in Ohio and revealed the first phase of an education program to innovate and develop new capabilities with…

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Food Tech and The Vegan Revolution

By: Juhi Fadia    9/13/2022

Israel is not only one of the most active venture capital investment countries in the world and home to many of the most successful tech start-ups in …

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By: Contributing Writer    9/12/2022

The recipe for success in fashion retail? The right product, at the right price, at the right time. Simple. It is therefore quite remarkable that pred…

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How To Find The Best Business VPN For Your Company

By: Contributing Writer    8/29/2022

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that helps to improve your online privacy and security by creating a private network from a public intern…

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Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Gambling

By: Contributing Writer    8/26/2022

There are many implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the gambling industry, and this article will discuss some of these impacts. AI can be u…

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Minnesota Twins Implement Stadium AR Platform for Fan Interaction

By: Greg Tavarez    8/24/2022

The Minnesota Twins announced the public launch of ARound, a stadium-level shared AR platform, at Target Field in Minneapolis.

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6 Things to Look For When Choosing Reliable Email Security Services

By: Contributing Writer    8/23/2022

Like most organizations, you use email as the main communication channel. While email is an excellent form of communication, it's also one of the m…

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Boosting Your Resume: Top IT Skills You Should Learn in 2022

By: Contributing Writer    8/22/2022

In 2022, working with networks and IT systems, learning programming, and cloud computing are necessities that can help you enhance your IT career. If …

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PGA Tour Enhances Fan Experience

By: Greg Tavarez    8/17/2022

The PGA Tour and Qualtrics announced a new multi-year relationship that will designate Qualtrics as the official experience insights provider of the P…

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What does an IT support team do?

By: Contributing Writer    8/15/2022

Most IT support teams are tasked with day-to-day troubleshooting. This ranges from fixing machines and networks to physically maintaining them by chan…

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Top 7 Tips for Making Open-Source Software More Secure

By: Contributing Writer    8/15/2022

In the wake of high-profile security threats, companies and governments are increasingly turning to open-source software as one of the ways to avoid s…

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Security for Playing Online Casino Games on Your Mobile

By: Contributing Writer    8/12/2022

Technology has transformed how humans perceive and do things. One of the sectors that technology has dramatically improved is the online gaming sector…

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Fans Ready to Embrace Stadium Digital Future

By: Greg Tavarez    8/10/2022

In Oracle Food and Beverage's report, 70% of attendees would prefer to have service jobs replaced by digital solutions in the future.

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Twilio Cyber Attack: Social Engineering is Real and Really Dangerous

By: Matthew Vulpis    8/9/2022

Phishing is commonly used by cyber criminals, as an attack that exploits an organization's last line of cyber defense - the employees

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Security Teams Face Burnout Amid Fight Against Geopolitically Motivated Attacks

By: Greg Tavarez    8/9/2022

As long as security teams have more visibility of the widening attack surface, they will be better equipped to defeat the bad actors and prevent succe…

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Are You Ready to Let Blockchain Technology to Enter Your Life?

By: Bill Yates    8/5/2022

Blockchain technology is much more than just digital currency. The security functions of the protocol can be used to enhance products such as art, rea…

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July Sees Decline in Robocalls

By: Greg Tavarez    8/5/2022

July saw nearly a 12% decrease in robocalls received by Americans when compared to June, according to the YouMail Robocall Index.

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From AIDs to Hostage Governments: The Rise of Ransomware

By: Contributing Writer    8/5/2022

Ransomware today has become a major threat to every organization. It is now incredibly easy for criminals to access your tech stack - and profit great…

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How to Win at Cybersecurity: Become a "Sneaker CISO"

By: Special Guest    8/1/2022

In the digital world, everybody in the organization has a role in cyber security and, as a CISO, you have to build a culture of information security.

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How to Innovate Faster with Low Code BPM

By: Special Guest    7/28/2022

Low code business process management platforms allow developers and the technical teams to streamline the company's BPM processes, but that is just on…

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What are VoIP Desk Phones?

By: Contributing Writer    7/25/2022

You will often hear terms like cloud-based telephony, IP phones, and VoIP phones. So you might ask, "What are VoIP desk phones?" Continue reading to d…

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SecurityScorecard Helps Local Governments Protect Critical Assests

By: Greg Tavarez    7/22/2022

U.S. county governments are able to monitor and improve cybersecurity risk because of a partnership between the National Association of Counties and S…

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What is NFT?

By: Contributing Writer    7/21/2022

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a type of digital asset that is not interchangeable with any other asset. This means that each individual NFT is uni…

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Study Says Excessive Video Conferencing is Causing Workers to Burn Out

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/21/2022

Workers are reporting extreme fatigue and feeling of being drained and overworked, according to researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Sin…

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5 Ways to use Mobile Technology to Boost Sales of your Moissanite Jewelry

By: Contributing Writer    7/20/2022

People today are constantly on the go, often needing to know more about their purchases as they shop rather than waiting until they get home to do the…

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Docker on Windows: How to Leverage It for Your Applications

By: Contributing Writer    7/20/2022

Docker is a technology that enables you to run applications in containers. Containers are isolated from each other and the host operating system, maki…

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Gillette Stadium Advances Security with AI Weapons Detection System

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/15/2022

Evolv Technology provides AI weapon detection technologies for schools, hospitals, and public spaces to help make it a safer world to work, learn, and…

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What Is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and How Will It Impact Your Cloud?

By: Contributing Writer    7/12/2022

A secure web gateway (SWG) protects users accessing the Internet against various web-based threats. This network security device blocks suspicious tra…

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Business Expansion Pushes on Amidst Supply Chain Issues

By: Greg Tavarez    7/12/2022

Almost three-quarters of businesses worldwide are being optimistic about plans to further global expansion.

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10 SEO tips for personal injury lawyers blog

By: Contributing Writer    7/11/2022

To keep up with the constant supply of new cases, personal injury law firms are always looking for new ways. Personal injury attorneys should utilize …

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Tech Buying Cycle Changes, Industry Consolidation Dominate ITEXPO Keynote Panel

By: Bill Yates    7/6/2022

Intelisys, Telarus and TCG addressed the changes in the channel model in light of new work environments and supply chain challenges.

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Startups Create Disruptive Innovation at ITEXPO's IDEA Showcase 2022

By: Greg Tavarez    7/1/2022

At IDEA Showcase at ITEXPO 2022, seven startups and entrepreneurs focused on transforming markets or creating new ones were able to present their uniq…

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The Importance of DEI in the Workplace

By: Greg Tavarez    6/30/2022

Diversity, equity and inclusion has come into greater focus due to cultural awareness, demographic shifts and current events.

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How to Be Careful With AI-Enhanced Recruiting Software

By: Bill Yates    6/30/2022

The first thing to know about AI-influenced recruiting software is the user is responsible for the actions of the software.

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South Florida Emerges as Tech Hub

By: Greg Tavarez    6/29/2022

Quality of life and the lack of a state income tax are factors contributing to the emergence of south Florida as a tech hub.

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Marketing Trends in 2022: How Does It Look Like?

By: Contributing Writer    6/28/2022

An effective marketing tactic has been utilized in order to make an effective promotion of platforms, come up with ads that evaluate specific audience…

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Home Safety Rules for People Who Live Alone

By: Contributing Writer    6/27/2022

When you live alone, there are some safety rules you shouldn't ignore. You don't have a housemate who will check that you locked up and call for help …

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Why You Should Invest in a Home Security System

By: Contributing Writer    6/27/2022

A home security system is a worthy investment, but you must research before committing. The right products and system will enable you to get the best …

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Tech Firms Are Following Wall Street's Lead in Relocating to South Florida

By: Bill Yates    6/27/2022

A keynote panel at ITEXPO 2022 discussed the continued emergence of South Florida as a technology hub.

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Telarus Scoops Up TCG at ITEXPO

By: Matthew Vulpis    6/22/2022

As the Technology Solutions Brokerage Business Continues to Evolve and Grow, Telarus Picks Up TCG

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Best Ways To Govern Digital Certificate Issues

By: Contributing Writer    6/15/2022

When you think about all the sensitive and personal data that is shared online - from credit card numbers to Social Security numbers - it's easy to se…

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How SAP Helps Your Company Stay Compliant: The Comprehensive Guide

By: Contributing Writer    6/15/2022

SAP is a comprehensive business GRC software suite that can help your company stay compliant with government regulations. This guide will discuss the …

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CIO Role Expands During Pandemic

By: Greg Tavarez    6/14/2022

Navisite, in a recent survey, explored how the CIO role, compensation, budgets and priorities have evolved since the start of the pandemic.

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Seniors Coming to Grips With New Technology

By: Contributing Writer    6/10/2022

Modern technology has a lot to offer seniors. The right piece of electronics or a smartly designed app can make their lives safer, more connected, and…

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The Wonderful Field of Engineering: How to Get Involved

By: Contributing Writer    6/8/2022

Engineering can be one of the most interesting and engaging fields that you can possibly work in, not to mention the fact that it can pay supremely we…

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Apple Products Feel New with Updates

By: Greg Tavarez    6/7/2022

Apple announced new software features and products at its campus during a developer conference, including the new M2 chip.

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What Is a Cloud Database and How Can it Reduce Operating Costs?

By: Contributing Writer    6/6/2022

A cloud database is a managed service built and accessed via a cloud platform. It supports and extends the functionality of traditional databases with…

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How IoT is Becoming More Important for Modern Business Enterprises

By: Contributing Writer    6/6/2022

IoT stands for the Internet of Things and refers to an invention that revolutionized how we work and live. IoT is a global framework with billions of …

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Progress of Bitcoin in Kansas

By: Contributing Writer    5/31/2022

In recent years, Bitcoin has made significant progress in the state of Kansas. In 2015, the Kansas Legislature passed a bill that recognized virtual c…

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