The Future of Precision Agriculture Resides in Agricultural Intelligence

By: Reece Loftus    1/5/2023

Veea is working with Opti-Harvest to develop a connected Agriculture Intelligence solution to monitor critical data streams for crops in the field and…

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The Advantages of Early Introduction of Coding for Kids

By: Contributing Writer    1/3/2023

Learning to code is a process that stimulates logical thinking and facilitates problem-solving. Every electronic device we use is based on some form o…

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Key features for scaling business in micromobility landscape

By: Contributing Writer    1/3/2023

Micromobility usage shrank by between 50 and 60 percent worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the industry is primed for a comeback. As the worl…

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Augmented and Virtual Reality Developer Tools Level Up with New Experience Builder Platform

By: Arti Loftus    12/30/2022

CareAR Experience Builder is a new visual augmented reality (AR) and AI based design tool that enables anyone to create self-guided instructional expe…

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Eaton Stands with New EPA Regulations

By: Greg Tavarez    12/30/2022

Intelligent power management company Eaton supports the new regulations set by the EPA, which support climate change initiatives.

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Threat Actor Claims 400 Million Twitter Users' Data for Sale

By: Alex Passett    12/28/2022

Cybersecurity woes have yet to leave the building for Twitter as 400 million users' data is reportedly being sold by a hacker.

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What Is SD-WAN? 5 Benefits for Your Organization

By: Contributing Writer    12/27/2022

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a technology that allows you to manage and control your wide area network (WAN) using software, rath…

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Can XDR Prevent Zero Day Attacks?

By: Contributing Writer    12/27/2022

Zero-day vulnerabilities are among the most common attacks, and possibly the most difficult to defend against. They occur when hackers exploit vulnera…

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The Difference Between Machine Learning and Deep Learning

By: Contributing Writer    12/21/2022

If you've been looking into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), you must have seen or heard these two terms - machine learning and deep learnin…

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Key Technological Developments in the Sports Betting Industry

By: Contributing Writer    12/21/2022

The online gambling industry has experienced immense growth under the influence of technological advancement. Tech trends like AI, mobile gaming, VR, …

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What is the Difference between ToF-SIMS and SIMS Analysis?

By: Contributing Writer    12/20/2022

Image data fusion of SIMS and TOF-SIMS with a high spatial resolution is helpful to obtain a clearer score image by PCA. An image data fusion of SIMS …

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How Visual AR and AI Are Making it Easy for Field Service Companies to Create Self-Guided Experiences

By: Matthew Vulpis    12/16/2022

With new augmented reality tools, organizations can rapidly design and deploy intelligent and immersive self-guided instructional experiences for fiel…

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Aruba and Disney Immerse Guests in Personal Star Wars Experience

By: Greg Tavarez    12/13/2022

Walt Disney World Resort delivers a unique and realistic Star Wars experience by utilizing Aruba's technology.

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XP and Scrum Methodologies: When To Use Them

By: Contributing Writer    12/12/2022

Software development methodologies have become essential for development teams for a reason: they organize the process and help in getting the best po…

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SEPTA Puts ZeroEyes on Public Gun Safety

By: Greg Tavarez    11/28/2022

SEPTA looked to ZeroEyes to start a pilot program designed to reduce the likelihood of gun-related violence on train platforms.

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Brand Interaction in Metaverse? Consumers Express Excitement

By: Greg Tavarez    11/25/2022

Almost three-fourths of consumers believe brand interactions in the metaverse are in a position to replace brand interactions in the real-world, or at…

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WB Trading Review Guide To Top Tech For Trading Success

By: Contributing Writer    11/23/2022

There are many different types of technology that you can use when it comes to trading investments. This WB Trading review will discuss some of the to…

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United (Fungi) Front: Industry Leaders Join Forces to Advance Sustainable Protein

By: Matthew Vulpis    11/18/2022

Mush Foods teamed up with several fungi fermentation companies from abroad to form a new international trade association: The Fungi Protein Associatio…

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What Is Banking CRM and How Can It Help You?

By: Contributing Writer    11/15/2022

When most people think about CRM, they think about sales and marketing. But CRM banking is a powerful tool that can help banks and credit unions impro…

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Cryptocurrency: Five Key Pillars to the Path Forward

By: Special Guest    11/2/2022

While some predict the demise of cryptocurrency, it's true value is only emerging as a true utility that will drive new applications in many markets.

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Plant-Based Food Science and the Impact on Pizza: Next Generation Flavor, Texture and Nutrition

By: Matthew Vulpis    10/26/2022

Thanks to technological innovation, vegan pizzas have become some of the most delicious and nutritious meals around.

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The Future Arrives with the Alef's Flying Car

By: Greg Tavarez    10/25/2022

Alef introduced a flying car with street driving and vertical take-off, the Alef "Model A," with a driving range of 200 miles and a flight range of 11…

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Let the Geek Speak: Keys to Delivering a Great Tech Presentation

By: Erik Linask    10/24/2022

Technical presentations can be hard. Learn how to turn a dry, tech topic into an engaging presentation from David Duffet and Let the Geek Speak.

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Pandemic Continues to Impact SIM Card Market

By: Greg Tavarez    10/21/2022

ABI says 4.33 billion SIM cards will be shipped globally in 2022, which is down 8.5% YoY as supply chains are still being impacted by the DOVID-19 pan…

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Minority Report is Here: IKIN's Cubara Bridges the Gap Between Real and Virtual

By: Erik Linask    10/17/2022

From healthcare to aeronautics to the Metaverse, IKIN's Cubara platform using Convolutional Neural Networks is revolutionizing scanning and 3D imaging…

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5 Advantages of 3D Printing Technology

By: Contributing Writer    10/6/2022

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, involves creating three-dimensional objects through digital files, where materials are laid down laye…

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Financial Fraud Is On the Rise. Here's How OSINT Is Combating It

By: Contributing Writer    10/4/2022

We've all gotten that email or text. You know, the one that says we're the heir to millions of dollars if we only send them a release fee or provide t…

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Online casino technology trends in 2022

By: Contributing Writer    9/30/2022

Online gambling has changed significantly over the past few years. With so many new online casinos launching all the time, players have more choice th…

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5 Tips to Protect Your Website From Hackers

By: Contributing Writer    9/21/2022

Having an online presence today is critical for every organization, but as organizations increase their online visibility, they need to be constantly …

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Intel Addressing Semiconductor Challenge with $20B Silicon Heartland Facility

By: Greg Tavarez    9/20/2022

Intel broke ground at the Silicon Heartland in Ohio and revealed the first phase of an education program to innovate and develop new capabilities with…

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Food Tech and The Vegan Revolution

By: Juhi Fadia    9/13/2022

Israel is not only one of the most active venture capital investment countries in the world and home to many of the most successful tech start-ups in …

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By: Contributing Writer    9/12/2022

The recipe for success in fashion retail? The right product, at the right price, at the right time. Simple. It is therefore quite remarkable that pred…

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How To Find The Best Business VPN For Your Company

By: Contributing Writer    8/29/2022

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that helps to improve your online privacy and security by creating a private network from a public intern…

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Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Gambling

By: Contributing Writer    8/26/2022

There are many implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the gambling industry, and this article will discuss some of these impacts. AI can be u…

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Minnesota Twins Implement Stadium AR Platform for Fan Interaction

By: Greg Tavarez    8/24/2022

The Minnesota Twins announced the public launch of ARound, a stadium-level shared AR platform, at Target Field in Minneapolis.

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6 Things to Look For When Choosing Reliable Email Security Services

By: Contributing Writer    8/23/2022

Like most organizations, you use email as the main communication channel. While email is an excellent form of communication, it's also one of the m…

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Boosting Your Resume: Top IT Skills You Should Learn in 2022

By: Contributing Writer    8/22/2022

In 2022, working with networks and IT systems, learning programming, and cloud computing are necessities that can help you enhance your IT career. If …

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PGA Tour Enhances Fan Experience

By: Greg Tavarez    8/17/2022

The PGA Tour and Qualtrics announced a new multi-year relationship that will designate Qualtrics as the official experience insights provider of the P…

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What does an IT support team do?

By: Contributing Writer    8/15/2022

Most IT support teams are tasked with day-to-day troubleshooting. This ranges from fixing machines and networks to physically maintaining them by chan…

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Top 7 Tips for Making Open-Source Software More Secure

By: Contributing Writer    8/15/2022

In the wake of high-profile security threats, companies and governments are increasingly turning to open-source software as one of the ways to avoid s…

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Security for Playing Online Casino Games on Your Mobile

By: Contributing Writer    8/12/2022

Technology has transformed how humans perceive and do things. One of the sectors that technology has dramatically improved is the online gaming sector…

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Fans Ready to Embrace Stadium Digital Future

By: Greg Tavarez    8/10/2022

In Oracle Food and Beverage's report, 70% of attendees would prefer to have service jobs replaced by digital solutions in the future.

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Twilio Cyber Attack: Social Engineering is Real and Really Dangerous

By: Matthew Vulpis    8/9/2022

Phishing is commonly used by cyber criminals, as an attack that exploits an organization's last line of cyber defense - the employees

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Security Teams Face Burnout Amid Fight Against Geopolitically Motivated Attacks

By: Greg Tavarez    8/9/2022

As long as security teams have more visibility of the widening attack surface, they will be better equipped to defeat the bad actors and prevent succe…

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Are You Ready to Let Blockchain Technology to Enter Your Life?

By: Bill Yates    8/5/2022

Blockchain technology is much more than just digital currency. The security functions of the protocol can be used to enhance products such as art, rea…

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July Sees Decline in Robocalls

By: Greg Tavarez    8/5/2022

July saw nearly a 12% decrease in robocalls received by Americans when compared to June, according to the YouMail Robocall Index.

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From AIDs to Hostage Governments: The Rise of Ransomware

By: Contributing Writer    8/5/2022

Ransomware today has become a major threat to every organization. It is now incredibly easy for criminals to access your tech stack - and profit great…

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How to Win at Cybersecurity: Become a "Sneaker CISO"

By: Special Guest    8/1/2022

In the digital world, everybody in the organization has a role in cyber security and, as a CISO, you have to build a culture of information security.

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How to Innovate Faster with Low Code BPM

By: Special Guest    7/28/2022

Low code business process management platforms allow developers and the technical teams to streamline the company's BPM processes, but that is just on…

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What are VoIP Desk Phones?

By: Contributing Writer    7/25/2022

You will often hear terms like cloud-based telephony, IP phones, and VoIP phones. So you might ask, "What are VoIP desk phones?" Continue reading to d…

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