Skype from Your Vizio TV

March 06, 2012
By: Michelle Amodio

TV viewers who enjoy using Skype (News - Alert) will be happy to know that you don’t have to get up off the recliner to engage in a chat session anymore. Vizio is jumping on the “smart tv” wagon, as new sets will feature Skype pre-loaded as an app

Of course, if you’re in the middle of catching up on “The Walking Dead” and don’t feel like answering that Skype call from your buddy who has seen every episode twice, you have the option of whether to pick up the Skype call right in the middle of last season’s ending.

The catch is you’ll need Vizio Internet Apps TV Video Camera, a $150 purchase directly from Vizio.

In other Samsung (News - Alert) news, the company just announced the release of its 2012 televisions and consumers are in for a treat. The new models represent the fifth version of the manufacturers Smart TV series and are the best ever.

Joe Stinziano, senior vice president of Home Entertainment at Samsung Electronics America commented, saying “Our goal with this year’s models was to truly redefine what a TV can be while providing unprecedented choice to the consumer,”

“We have delivered the incredible picture quality and beautiful design that consumers have come to expect from Samsung, as well as seamless connectivity, several new ways to control the TV and exclusive services,” he added.

Samsung has also focused design and programming attention to the remote control, a primary input device that has been around in some form or other for 60 years, said Tim Baxter , Samsung Electronics America president. This year, he said, Samsung is offering at least a half-dozen ways to interface with their TVs.

Some Samsung Smart TV models will have HD cameras, a pair of noise-cancelling microphones and face recognition software built in to enable voice and gesture control. In external control devices, the company’s Smart Touch Remote Control is being introduced.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin