Neohapsis 2015 Security Predictions

December 29, 2014
By: TMCnet Special Guest
Patrick Thomas, security consultant at Neohapsis Labs

Predictions are a tough task in an industry as fast-moving as technology, and security rides the fastest part of this tiger's tail. Nonetheless, our team at Neohapsis gathers annually to make some projections based on what we've observed over the past year in our work as attackers and security advisors.

Among the predictions below are some common threads. We see powerful technologies becoming commoditized and that less-sophisticated attackers will soon be able to field techniques that were, until recently, the realm of nation states. Similarly, criminal enterprises are adopting practices of legitimate organizations, including cloud computing and big data, in order to scale and monetize their operations. Finally, legislation, regulation, and public sentiment continue to lag behind the potential for damage from digital attacks, with organizations suffering major losses but still struggling to take proactive action before being held responsible at their bottom line or the ballot box.

About the Author: is a recovering software developer turned penetration tester with Neohapsis. He works on offensive and defensive security tools, with an emphasis on web application security, web malware, and social engineering. He’s also done recent research on Multipath TCP and its implications for the future. He has been a featured speaker for Black Hat, DEFCON, SecTor and others.

Edited by Maurice Nagle