New Survey Platform Set To Help Boost Travel Industry

May 18, 2015
By: Casey Houser

Reevoo and Feedback Ferret, two companies that develop customer feedback software, are joining forces to create a unique feedback platform for the travel industry.

Tour operators and travel agents are always looking for feedback concerning the nature of their tours and trips. It can be hard to capture clients' feelings during those experiences, so Reevoo will bring its question-and-answer tool to the Feedback Ferret text analytics engine. Together, the companies will create a platform that, following clients' trips, invites travelers to participate in open-ended surveys which are transmitted back to travel agencies in real time.

From there, travel operators and agents can answer customers' concerns and address any issues found during their trips. Piers Alington, the managing director of Feedback Ferret, commented on that process and the speed in which businesses can address customer concerns.

“This is a great opportunity for tour operators, travel agents, and accommodation providers to simplify their customer feedback process and to gain access to all the tools they need to see what their customers need most and what isn't working so well,” Alington said. “We enable them to quickly see and act on the issues that have the greatest impact on their customer satisfaction and rebooking behavior.”

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Once customers have made it home from their travels, they can find links to the Reevoo/Feedback Ferret-developed survey in their email inboxes. Following those links will take each customer to a space where they can complete their own, open reviews of their experiences. Customers can choose between a number of supported languages in the survey.

Businesses that immediately receive those surveys after submission will be able to respond to negative complaints or even answer questions contained within. The Reevoo Q&A tool will analyze text for questions and give customer service agents space to provide clients with the answers they need. Customer-provided ratings will also make their way to travel agencies' paid, online Google (News - Alert) ads through Reevoo's partnership with Google. Feedback Ferret's analytics engine will then bring all that data together into agent dashboards for a complete look at customer experiences and for generation of reports.

Overall, the travel industry can benefit greatly from this product because it is both open-ended yet also powerful enough to select meaningful data from customer reviews. It will know when customers have questions and can create reports that show the overall health of organizations for their own future improvement.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson