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For active users of Facebook it might be time to ponder what would happen if advertisers could scrap a lot more info about your behavior off of the immensely popular social media site. Do not think for a minute that Facebook cannot or likely will not use everything in its data mining kit bag to wrest more dollars out of marketing folks. You may think they are in the business of connecting us all up to exchange pleasantries, but that just happens to be the way in which they make money. The company is in the business of monetizing your information. This is why a posting on AdWeek is food for thought.
You've heard complaints for years from telecom executives that third-party app providers build businesses on the back of telco-provided access services, but that the access providers do not share in the revenue created. Now you have the reverse being argued, that application providers such as Facebook create huge value for telos, but do not participate in the access revenue stream.

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WEBINAR: Integration at the Edge: Maximizing Results, Minimizing Risk and Investment

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 TIME: 2:00PM ET/11:00 AM PT

As a tactical reality, integration at the network edge is not a new concept. Connecting networks and devices through third party bridges and gateways, without having to upgrade or modify networks or devices on either side of the junction, has been part of the technology landscape for decades. However, new economic and technical realities have moved this idea of edge integration from a tactical short- term solution, to a long-term strategic one. Innovation moves technology forward so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep network core elements up to date. Plus, the current worldwide economic climate impacts the decision over new technology deployments. No company wants to waste cash or talent on a technology that may fade before it sees wide adoption. "Integration at the Edge" addresses these issues by detailing a broad range of strategies that empower enterprises and service providers to improve network performance and efficiency by implementing innovative and cost-effective technologies at the edge. The use of flexible, intelligent devices, such as gateways and transcoding solutions, enable a variety of IP Services (VoIP, Unified Communications, Video, Call Recording, SIP Trunking) while minimizing capital investment, leveraging existing infrastructure, and mitigating service disruption and the need for user retraining.


In this Webinar, the attendee will learn:

  • How to leverage a TDM Core for media and signaling delivery from IP Connected Devices
  • Strategies for migrating from a TDM Infrastructure to a hybrid TDM/IP Infrastructure
  • Methods for connecting TDM resources (IVR Systems, Fax Servers, Analog Telephones or entire Call Centers) to an IP Infrastructure
  • Using Flexible, Intelligent, Multi-Purpose Edge Devices to Future Proof network investments

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European regulators told Google that it can either fix its new privacy policy or face possible fines within a few months.
Making its official debut almost a year ago, Berg's Little Printer is leveraged by users to-yup you guessed it-print out things including custom RSS feeds, pictures, and Foursquare feeds on receipt paper.
For those who are 'locationally' challenged, GPS, especially when navigation is included, has been a godsend. But that is for when you are outdoors. What is a lost soul to do when inside? The good news is that help is on the way.
Microsoft is really jumping in to the politics of their anti-Apple product by offering a choice of processors to emphasize, as if you didn't get this already, that what makes the two companies different is choice. We really have never had a consumer choice between processors on a single smart product type before.
This week seems to be a good one for being worried about cyber attacks of all shapes and sizes. Earlier I posted an article on the miniFlame malware just discovered by Kaspersky Lab which is designed to steal data and control infected machines during targeted cyber-espionage operations. I was so agitated by that one that I started checking some of my favorite sites to see what else is brewing. Landing on MIT's Technology Review site, I was not disappointed but was disturbed.
Google accidentally posted its third quarter earnings results early today. The search engine giant's shares lost $68, or more than nine percent, to trade at $687.30 on the NASDAQ earlier today.

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