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Robert Liu is the Executive Editor of TMCnet, the news and information portal of Technology Marketing Corporation, and is a frequent contributor to INTERNET TELEPHONY and Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazines.

Robert’s 15-year communications career runs the gamut spanning from the print world to television and to the Internet. He has covered business and technology writing for Dow Jones, Bloomberg Business News, CNN and Jupitermedia’s Web site. He has served as a producer at CNN, Headline News and A&E Television Networks. He has also served in a media relations/public relations role for Thomson Financial Securities Data, KMPG and most recently, in which he was responsible for investor- and public-relations advisory guiding the Internet job board through its IPO.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Ridgefield, Conn.


Latest Articles

11/10/2006 Zultys Emerges from Bankruptcy under New Management
11/10/2006 Congress Set to Review Alcatel/Lucent
11/08/2006 Skype 3.0 Featuring New Click-to-Call Functionality Goes Beta
11/07/2006 Acme Packet Bows Program Enabling SBC Customers to Set up Voice Peering Links
11/07/2006 Microsoft Talks up Real-Time Communications
11/06/2006 NTP Sues Palm for Patent Infringement
11/06/2006 IPTV Gets Center Stage in Dallas
11/01/2006 Continental Airlines Battles Logan Airport Re:OTARDs
10/31/2006 Zultys Auction Ends with Pivot VoIP Winning at $2.65 Million
10/30/2006 APC Sold for $6.1 Billion to Schneider of France
10/27/2006 Zultys Auction Picks Up on Monday amid Political Posturing
10/24/2006 Zultys Auction to Resume Wednesday with Bidding at $1.55 Million
10/24/2006 Sprint Delivers on Rev A Promise
10/24/2006 AOL Turns to Verisign for ENUM Mapping to Mobile IM Community
10/23/2006 AT&T Eager to Get On with BellSouth Merger Integration
10/20/2006 Zultys Auction Set by Bankruptcy Judge for Monday
10/17/2006 Broadwing Deal May Signal an End to Level 3’s String of Acquisitions
10/17/2006 Level 3 Continues to Wheel and Deal with Broadwing Acquisition
10/16/2006 Home Networking Still Needs to Overcome Key Obstacle
10/13/2006 FCC Pushes Back AT&T/BellSouth Vote until November 3
10/12/2006 FCC Delays AT&T, BellSouth Vote until Friday, Possibly Longer
10/11/2006 Justice Department Clears AT&T-BellSouth Merger
10/11/2006 Intel Bows First Chipset to Support Fixed, Mobile WiMAX
10/10/2006 Unified Communications Comes Full Sphericall
10/10/2006 Equipment Vendors Show Off Broadband Capabilities to Deliver IPTV
10/06/2006 FCC Confirms AT&T-BellSouth Merger Vote but No Guarantees
10/04/2006 New Proposed Radio Standard WiBree Sparks Debate, Confusion
10/02/2006 Telecom Equipment Sags along with Overall IT Spending, Study Shows
09/29/2006 Public Safety Hears the Call of Communications Incompatibility
09/27/2006 Ex-Comverse CEO Alexander Nabbed in Namibia
09/27/2006 Verizon Sees FiOS IPTV Business in the Black by 2009
09/26/2006 Intel Bows Quad-Core, Partners with DirecTV
09/26/2006 T-Mobile Testing UMA, Femtocell to Roll out Dual-Mode Coverage
09/22/2006 FCC Set to Mull AT&T-BellSouth Merger in October
09/21/2006 Zultys Technologies Files for Bankruptcy as Future Called into Question
09/21/2006 Verizon Wireless to Open Call Center in Alabama
09/21/2006 WiSOA Forms with Goal of International WiMAX Roaming
09/20/2006 As IT Grows in Complexity, Is the CIO Diminishing in Value?
09/19/2006 At Interop, Network Infrastructure Still Taking Priority over VoIP
09/18/2006 FCC Concludes AWS Spectrum Auction Raising $14 Billion
09/18/2006 Mobile VoIP to Outpace Fixed VoIP Services by 2012, Report Says
09/15/2006 Ericsson Restructures into Three Units to Emphasize Multimedia Business
09/14/2006 Move over A-IMS! Operators Bow New NGMN Initiative
09/13/2006 eMarketer: Mobile Data Services Projected to Grow to $37.5 Billion
09/13/2006 Hey there, Lonelygirl15? Thanks for a Lesson in Marketing 101
09/13/2006 Nortel Adds Call Center Recording Customers
09/12/2006 AT&T, MobiTV Bow Browser-based Broadband TV
09/12/2006 Ranch Networks Bows Asterisk Clustering for Larger Enterprises
09/11/2006 Intel Bows VoIP Interface Specification for PCs
09/11/2006 Mobile TV Increases its Relevance through Technological Advances
09/08/2006 Set-top Box Vendors Show off their IP-based Wares
09/07/2006 Shareholders Approve Alcatel-Lucent Merger
09/06/2006 Nortel Reiterates Focus on 3 Key Areas: Mobility, Enterprise and Services
09/06/2006 SunRocket Joins Voice Peering Fabric
09/05/2006 Harris to Fold Microwave Unit into Stratex Networks
09/05/2006 Alcatel-Lucent: One Step Closer
09/01/2006 Alcatel Acquires 3G Assets from Nortel for $320 Million
08/31/2006 Sprint, Settle Patent Dispute But Vonage Case Still Pending
08/30/2006 ShoreTel Sees the Silver Lining in the Zultys Cloud
08/29/2006 WiFi Alliance to Pre-Certify Pre-Standardized 802.11n Gear
08/17/2006 Aberdeen Study Finds Effective IT Outsourcing Requires Oversight
08/15/2006 David Duffett Leaves Aculab for Alliance Systems
08/14/2006 US LEC, PAETEC Merger Sheds Light on Today’s CLEC Market
08/14/2006 Sangoma, Romanian Partner to Release Windows-based Yate Open Source Project
08/09/2006 AOL Targets API v1.0 for AIM Phoneline by Year’s End
08/09/2006 Developers Need to Focus on the Fact that People Cause Latency
08/09/2006 Open Source Pioneer Digium Secures $13.8 Million in VC Funding
08/08/2006 SOA Needs to Develop in Unison for Telecom, Enterprise
08/08/2006 Sprint Chooses WiMAX to Deploy in 2.5 GHz Spectrum
08/07/2006 Reporter Notes: Off to VoIP Developer
08/03/2006 Interested in Mobile CRM? Take the Aberdeen Survey!
08/03/2006 Sprint Accelerates EV-DO Rev A Upgrade
08/03/2006 AOL Takes AIM at Skype, Others
08/01/2006 A Reversal of Fortune for Zultys
08/01/2006 As Mobile Broadband Evolves, Sprint Stands Ready to Announce Key Decision
07/28/2006 Zultys Technologies Ceases Operations but Founder Disputes Claim
07/28/2006 Communications Breakdown: A Case for Software-Defined Radios (SDRs)
07/27/2006 VPN isn’t a Luxury Just Reserved for the Big Guys
07/27/2006 Industry-leading Vendors Combine to Develop Advances to IMS Framework
07/25/2006 HP Pays Hefty Price to Build Software Business
07/25/2006 Bradon Technologies Develops Codec to Compete with GIPS
07/21/2006 MicroTCA Becomes Official Standard
07/20/2006 Level 3 Sells Software Spectrum Subsidiary
07/20/2006 Interactive Intelligence Hires VP to Helm Channel Development
07/19/2006 Amdocs Explores OSS with Cramer Acquisition amid BSS Slowdown
07/18/2006 TIA Accepts FLO Air Interface for Multicasting
07/17/2006 Cingular to Curtail Capital Expenditures
07/17/2006 Takes on SAP
07/13/2006 Spectrum Sharing Test-Beds Proposals Could Lead to SDR, Cognitive Radios
07/10/2006 Vonage Acquires Patents But Legal Woes Persist
07/05/2006 Halftime Report: 802.16e/WiMAX Aided by 802.20 Penalty Box
06/29/2006 Converged Communication System Shipments Climb 7.5 in 2005, Report Says
06/29/2006 When Storm Clouds Roll Service Providers Fret, Unless…
06/28/2006 Cisco Details Security Vulnerability in Access Point Interface
06/26/2006 Microsoft to Solidify Unified Communications Strategy
06/21/2006 FCC Rules VoIP Must Pay into Universal Service Fund
06/21/2006 Mobile TV to Proliferate as Development Activities Ramp Up
06/19/2006 Vonage Slapped with Another Patent Infringement Suit
06/15/2006 Is Qualcomm Trying to ‘Brew’ Up Mobile TV Technology?
06/14/2006 The Evolution of Telecom Standards Scale Down With MicroTCA