Online Fundraising Platform Nadanu Continues to Expand

By Paula Bernier July 20, 2011

Nadanu, which offers a payment gateway that helps organizations raise money online via mobile and social networks, is adding new charities to its customer lineup at a clip of 200 month. That’s the word from CEO Getzy Fellig, who tells TMC that Nadanu now is looking to expand beyond charities into other verticals.

Fellig says that the Nadanu platform is free for charities to use, easy for donors to use, and fun for anyone to use.

That’s because Nadanu makes its money by taking 3.5 percent of each transaction, plus a flat 25 cents per credit card transaction. People can make donations from any device. And Nadanu makes it all more enjoyable by streamlining the form-filling-out process and bringing clever little interactive features into the mix.

For example, the Salvation Army site using Nadanu includes a virtual red Christmas kettle into which donors can drop virtual currency. It’s these quirky little additions to the platform that make the donation process “less drab,” says Fellig. But he adds that Nadanu’s special sauce is really its platforms “accessibility”. By that he’s referring to the fact that it can be accessed by any endpoint.

Fellig says Nadanu is the only company with a workaround to Apple’s ban on apps that allow donations. It did that by creating a program that’s delivered via e-mail. It works like this: A donor comes to an organization’s website to make a donation; that person requests the special app from the website raising the funds; the individual receives the app from the organization via an e-mail; and the person clicks to install the app, which appears as just another app on his or her Apple device.

“We’ve received donations in excess of $10,000 through this” workaround app, Fellig exclaims.

In addition to offering charities the ability to fundraise online without any upfront costs, Nadanu offers for free various related tools for accounting, online marketing, taxes and more.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell

Executive Editor, IP Communications Magazines

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