Google, WestJet and NZXT Exhibit Real Creativity

By Rob Enderle April 02, 2012

Most folks seem to think the creativity bar is set by Apple, and most folks would be right. But today is an epic day, as three companies, two in Apple’s space and one not, have showcased creativity that easily eclipses anything that Apple has done. This is amazing stuff, so let’s get to it.

Baby Free Airline Cabins

Part of the pain in avid traveling, particularly at night, is the sound children make, strapped to the same seat I’m sitting in. As they sit in a relatively bigger seat I have at home, eat meals custom selected for them and see personalized service down to the freshest milk on the planet – yet they still complain.

WestJet decided to create a service for the 99 percent of travelers who aren’t kids: Cargo departments exclusively for kids, so parents and childless passengers are free to fly in peace. There, they can scream to their heart’s content and they certainly can’t do any more damage to bags than luggage handlers do when loading each plane.

Google Takes NASCAR Driverless

All the fun of NASCAR without any of the risk of accidents – much like a video game in real life is what Google going to do for NASCAR: A driverless car technology, recently performed up and down the freeways in California.

Google puts their driverless car technology in race cars so drivers can search on Google, surf their Gmail, chat with their girlfriends or tweet to other drivers. 

I can just see the twitter feeds now…we’ll no longer have to watch the races, as we can just bring up Tweetdeck and see the race progress as we rate how well each driver posts their thoughts!

NZXT: Builds the iPad Killer

NZXT truly hit it out of the park today, with a killer system that might level the iPad. As we complain about the new iPad’s weight and size – particularly while driving –NZCT boasts a full gaming system you could put on your head.    

Imagine driving or riding a bike with one of these things on. No more listening to that boring lecture or your boss complain about how you almost burned down the office. Don’t want to think about how big your belly is getting while you sit on your seat playing games? Put this thing on and you won’t see your belly at all!  

Wrapping Up

Today is the day we celebrate people who think out of the box and celebrate Alfred E. Newman’s birthday. We live in a world where we generally take ourselves way too seriously and it is a great to have one day that provides a holiday from being serious. Hats off to the folks at WestJet, Google and NZXT for putting a smile on our faces.   

Edited by Braden Becker

President and Principal Analyst, Enderle Group

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