Ernst & Young Opens Global IPO Center of Excellence

By Peter Bernstein April 19, 2012

While there was something a bit discordant about a release that started, “Want proof that the economy is improving?  IPO fever has reached a new high,” it happened to land in my inbox on a day when jobless claims were up, sales of existing home sales were down and the stock market was tanking. However, with the FaceBook IPO on the way, it was time for a strong dose of optimism. So what is the good news? 

It turns out for all of those intrepid entrepreneurs whose start-ups have revved up and are now looking for a “monetization” event, they can get educated on all things IPO online.   Ernst & Young just went live with The Global IPO Center of Excellence.  

It is a virtual learning center provided by virtual event provider ON24.  Ernst & Young is claiming it is the first of its kind. Here inquisitive pre-IPO executives will be able to:

  • View live events right with subject matter experts from around the world
  • Chat with others including Ernst & Young representatives
  • Find resources and materials to read at your leisure, thereby avoiding time, travel, and coordination hassles 

Below are some highlights from Ernst & Yong’s marketing surround for this new resource.  I have even left in the links for the FAQs: 

“We have been working with high growth businesses around the world for over three decades so we know what it takes to launch a successful IPO.

For everything you need to know about navigating the risks and opportunities of going public, visit our new Global IPO Center of Excellence. 

Getting ready for an IPOHere are some of the questions you should think about before embarking on an IPO:Is an IPO right for me?How do I prepare for an IPO?What does a successful IPO look like?

Which stock exchange is right for your business?As the globalization of capital has accelerated, companies have more choice over where to list.

To help you make that decision IPO insights: comparing global stock exchanges examines the strategic focus, standards and fees, processes and regulation and more across nine exchanges. 

Essential guides for fast-growth companiesWhat does it take to be a fast-growth company in today’s economy? Our series of essential guides for fast growth companies provides information to help transform your growth company into an exceptional enterprise. These guides explore hot topics such as private equity, managing capital and life after an IPO.

Ready or Not?

I will be candid here. As someone who served on the advisory board of a baker’s dozen of start-ups before the bubble burst, all kidding aside, I wish this kind of resource had been available to both myself and the companies I was helping. Despite our collective knowledge, having visualization tools and access to other resources including peers who had gained experience in the process (which many have compared to the dunking chair used during the infamous Salem witch trials in the U.S. a while back) would have been very helpful. It certainly would have as Ernst & Young says, saved time, money and a lot of coordination hassles.   It also would have enabled our advisees a way to be knowledgeable customers in a process where knowledge is at a premium.

I don’t know about catching the fever but back in the day it would have been nice to just catch a good cold. IT could have saved me the time spent shredding options and putting up wall paper. Now if only I was still an advisor to a hot start-up. 

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin
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