Fact or Fiction: 10 Things to be Mindful of When Working Remotely

By Jamie Epstein June 08, 2012

Are you sitting in a cold, dark cubicle with dreams of being able to feel the warmth of the sun on your body while still receiving a pay check? How about being able to stay in your Scooby Doo pajamas all day?

Both of these things are now possible due the increasingly popular trend of working remotely, a rapidly growing idea that is catching fire, similar to how Katniss Everdeen did in The Hunger Games.

Working remotely from anywhere in the world (yes even your couch with Maury on in the background) is now possible due to technological innovations including wireless connectivity. And luckily, you can still be just as productive while enjoying the creature comforts only your own home sweet home can offer.

In this article, we will look closely at 10 ideas that people conjure up when they think of working outside the confinements of the office.

You can get up whenever you decide to drag yourself out of bed

Ha, not so much. Just because you aren’t physically at your desk doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want and just say you are “working.” Instead, you must stick to the same work hours and be just as efficient as usual, or chances are your employer will take away your work-at-home privileges not long after receiving them.

Work the hours you feel most comfortable with

This is actually true, as long as you clear it with the boss man or woman beforehand. Are you not a morning person but come alive in the nighttime? You sound like me, and luckily for you, working remotely gives you the option to make your own work hours.

Wear whatever you feel like, even if it’s dirty, ripped or stained

This has got to the one of the absolute best things about working from your house, as you no longer have to worry about adhering to a rigorous dress code. Instead, put on an outfit that is comfortable, no matter if it is a Juicy Couture sweat suit or an old pair of sweats with multiple holes and bleach stains all over.

Use your computer to play games all day long

Again, this one is highly laughable. If you think for one minute that just because your boss can’t actually see you that means he or she isn’t checking up continuously to make sure you have completed your designated tasks, you are sadly mistaken. For remote workers that use their time unwisely and spend half their day chatting on Facebook, playing Words with Friends or watching Modern Family on Hulu, it is only a matter of time before you get caught. Not only could this cause your employer to revoke your work-at-home privileges, it could lead to you losing your job permanently.

Make personal phone calls all day long

While everyone deserves a break throughout their work day that can be spent a variety of ways including taking a nap, running errands or just taking a couple of deep breathes, it’s important to remember that if you’re constantly on the phone for non-business calls, you could be missing important business calls that could cause you to get in some trouble.

Hang out with family and friends

Although chances are if you are at home and live with other people they will talk to you for at least part of your day, keep in mind that you still need to be attentive to business-related issues at all times while on the clock.

Never go back to your office again

This is not so likely. If you prove to be a reliable worker, your boss will have no choice but to continue to letting you work outside of headquarters. But, there is a high probability you will still need to travel back to your office at some point—whether it be for a meeting or something else.

When traveling, you deserve 5-star accommodations

I mean really, don’t we all want to be as comfortable as possible when on a work-related trip? While that answer is a definite yes, as an employee you can’t require your company to pay for you to stay in luxury. Keep your room service requests in check or be prepared to pay the bill out of your own pocket.

It is necessary that your business buys you just released products to remain productive

Even though it is your company’s responsibility to ensure you have the ideal tools at your disposal to work without interruption as you would within the office, don’t be so naïve as to think that your employer will be providing you with every new gadget in history because you really only need the mobile essentials to complete what is asked of you.

You won’t be thought of for a promotion because they aren’t seeing you on a daily basis

Come on now, you really don’t believe this is the case right? If you’re excelling, you could be halfway around the world and your firm will still be sure to take notice. Listen to the Army’s slogan on this one and “be all you can be.”

Without technology in our lives, we would all be forced to commute during rush hour traffic no matter what type of weather we were facing including natural disasters and tropical storms. So thank your lucky stars – hey technology, this one is for you!

Edited by Braden Becker

TechZone360 Web Editor

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