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By Jamie Epstein June 09, 2012

As the technology industry continues to erupt like a volcano—overflowing with news and newly introduced products and solutions instead of lava—this week proved to be yet another outstanding week of developments, releases and announcements.

Kicking off the week, the troubling news was revealed that around half of every recent college graduate still remains jobless. However, an increasingly popular trend is these young adults are starting their own businesses rather than bowing down to “the man”. Back in 2010, findings showed that four in every 10 youth hope to or plan to start their own business, and 29 percent of young adults (ages 18-24) have a friend who already has, with these numbers continuing to grow year by year.

TechZone360 Web Editor Allison Boccamazzo stated, “We all know that entrepreneurial technology can be advantageous for recent college grads (or even before you graduate if you’re Mark Zuckerburg), but with much success comes more problems. This leads us to one important question: could this boom of entrepreneurship affect the technology market as we know it?”

Also this week, a survey was released that highlighted the fact that out of the 67 major ISPs questioned, 97 percent already implemented or plan to implement IPv6. This research came out right on the heels of what was coined World IPv6 Day, not so ironically the date of June 6.

According to survey participants, approximately 23 percent are already utilizing IPv6, while another 35 percent will be implementing it before the New Year. Also, 39 percent of individuals claim that they will be waiting to leverage IPv6 until 2013 or maybe even later.

Further, 25 percent of North American ISPs in the survey are ahead of the pack, already deploying IPv6. In fact, in North America, all ISPs will be using IPv6 by the end of this year.

“IPv6 represents the biggest change in IP Networking since the start of the Internet. Most people know it is a necessity to keep the Internet moving and growing, but don’t realize how it can be used to improve our favorite applications. It also presents a huge opportunity for operators, content providers and enterprises to harness powerful business benefits associated with the new Internet,” Craig Sprosts, head of fixed broadband solutions for Nominum, said in a recent company press release. “Things like increased customer loyalty, higher network efficiency and reduced costs are all powerful reasons to make the IPv6 transition. IPV6 presents a viable solution for continued Internet growth, sustainable provider success, and positive user experience.”

In other news, LinkedIn, a major social networking site worldwide, was hacked. A Russian-based group is claiming responsibility for the attack in which six and a half million passwords were stolen. In addition to the overwhelming amount of passwords that people are now scrambling to replace, around 300,000 of these supposedly private combinations of letters, numbers and symbols have already been cracked.

Security Researcher Cameron Camp of ESET, a security company, weighed in with his opinion stating, “The difference with this hack, as opposed to many others, is that people put their REAL information about themselves professionally on the site, not just what party they plan on attending, ala Facebook and others. And every time one of your LinkedIn contacts updates their profile, you get updates from LinkedIn showing what’s happening. This has the aggregate effect of garnering a form of peer review on what you post about yourself, knowing that it is exposed potentially to those business or career contacts that have a direct impact on your life. In other words, mess with somebody’s professional profile, and you’re messing with their life, and their contacts know about it.”

The best advice to users of this website is to change your passwords—and fast!

Wrapping up the week, Twizgrid, a photo browser, was completely revamped and now encompasses robust features including a much wider amount of photo content now being available, as well as full access to Twitter users’ home timelines. A “recent album” capability enables users to view images in real- time, sorting them by topic, person or location.

However, what is touted as the biggest change that users will most appreciate is the function of the “Around Me” album, which shows photos that are looked at as “nearby,” including apps such as Twitpic, yfrog, Banjo or Highlight.

The app boasts the capability needed to link to photos from locations that are close in proximity, helping users to feel much more involved with things going on around them.

“Twizgrid now offers an enticing way to view what’s happening in the immediate vicinity, whether it’s a raging part or a raging fire,” added co-founder Chauncey Regan.

Be sure to check back each and every week to TechZone360 to see how technology is completely revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives!

TechZone360 Web Editor

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