Revolutionizing Home Energy Management: The Partnership of Hub Controls and Four Square/TRE


Burgeoning economic strain alongside the ongoing climate crisis has shifted global momentum toward proliferating the creation and accessibility of energy-efficient solutions. New technologies offer the potential to reduce global energy demand by 12% by making buildings more energy efficient, according to the "Transforming Energy Demand" report produced by The World Economic Forum. Governments must adopt energy-efficient output and service delivery measures to sustain economic growth and achieve net-zero goals.

With a number of concerted efforts across the world gaining traction, myriad innovators and collaborative projects have produced powerful devices ready for implementation. As energy prices rise simultaneously with demand, the integration of price-effective energy solutions into underserved communities is imperative. Especial strain is placed on low-income households who spend a disproportionate amount of their earnings on electricity, and protecting these local communities is paramount.

At the heart of this movement is Hub Controls, a company focused on transforming home energy management. Through a recently announced partnership with manufacturer Four Square/TRE, the home solution provider is set to redefine the landscape of home energy management in the U.S.

Aligned with Four Square/TRE, Hub Controls has begun manufacturing and distributing the anticipated HubLite connected thermostat designed to address the specific needs of the modern market. This smart device builds upon the success of the original standard wall-installed smart thermostat HubPro, introducing the latest addition to Hub Controls' portfolio of intelligent solutions powered by HubBrain.

Christina Domecq, Managing Director at Hub Controls, expressed enthusiasm about the HubLite system, stating, "We are thrilled to announce the availability of this easy-to-sell, install, and manage energy management system and look forward to continuing to work with our partners to bring this into homes, including public housing agencies, building owners and property managers, real estate developers working on affordable housing, and more."

Domecq emphasized the potential impact of the HubLite in the U.S. market, stating, "Hub Controls sees a significant opportunity in the U.S. market, including driving savings for low and middle-income multifamily housing where there has been a lack of focus on technological updates to HVAC systems and where savings on energy costs are most significant to consumers, both tenants and landlords." 

By integrating the HubLite and accompanying HubBrain system into these households, users can simultaneously address concerns over emissions while reducing their own cumbersome bills. With access to millions of data points provided by the HubLite thermostats, the HubBrain can allocate energy as and when required to maximize efficiency. Installations across the U.S. have seen immediate ROI from the original HubPro with average savings of $64/month, far exceeding the $20/month cost. Early projections from HubControls suggest the new HubLite provides the opportunity to improve further on this, enhancing the cost-saving possibilities innumerably.

The partnership between Hub Controls and Four Square/TRE reflects a shared vision for affordable and efficient energy solutions. Jake Haddock, a representative from Four Square/TRE, expressed honor in being part of this important initiative, stating, "Bringing cost-effective climate control solutions to consumers in the U.S. that reduce carbon emissions and deliver valuable data to energy providers is a meaningful undertaking. We all win when energy is more accessible to all, more affordable for all, and more efficiently delivered and managed by providers."

The Hub Controls and Four Square/TRE partnership signifies a significant step toward improving energy management and accessibility in the U.S. market. As companies continue their mission to drive energy equity and sustainability, innovative thinkers will clearly drive progression within the global market.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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