Apple's Online Store Goes Down Possibly Due to Updates Following 2012 WWDC Event

By Steve Anderson June 11, 2012

The Apple online store is reportedly down right now, and considering that the 2012 Worldwide Developer's Conference for Apple is set to hit in just a while, already many are projecting that this means new software arrivals in the online store following their official unveiling at the WWDC event.

The rumors surrounding the 2012 WWDC have featured a wide variety of different points, from hardware to software, and with plenty of individual rumors in each of the two classes. Some, like analyst Peter Misek, believe that this is the point at which Apple finally unveils its new television, currently being called the iPanel, though whether that's the name it will have at release remains to be seen. Some have projected new Mac hardware, new advancements in the MacBook Pro and Air arenas including a potential addition of Retina displays and improved graphics and processors, and even a software developer's kit for the regular set-top box version of the Apple TV. Many are expecting the launch of iOS 6 to happen at the show, or even a look at the next iPhone, which should be coming out later this year if Apple sticks to its standard release schedule.

Considering the success of the Apple TV system--Apple sold 2.8 million boxes last year, and has sold nearly that same amount--2.7 million--over the first six months of this year alone--it's a safe bet to say that what Apple once regarded as a "hobby" is now looking like it may be the next big part of Apple's lineup, though whether or not it will expand into a full-on television line in a down economy remains to be seen. However, some have projected that Apple wouldn't market it like a television at all, instead focusing on making it like a particularly large iPad and calling it the "iHub", a device that serves as a central communication point for families that also allows users to watch television shows on it.

Of particular note here is that the Apple online store's shutdown is somewhat different than those of previous years. Normally, Apple's store closings are announced via a graphic that looks like a yellow sticky-note. Today's closing is much different, featuring a dark gray-on-gray placard that looks similar to something in OS X Lion. However, the last time that placard showed up, just last month, it reportedly made only a brief appearance before being pulled with nothing new added to the store.

One key point remains here, however, in that trying to predict Apple is a difficult process at best. Just what Apple has in the offing will be made clear soon, when the WWDC event comes to a close. Until then, however, the sky remains the limit.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

Contributing TechZone360 Writer

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