Tim Cook: And Now For Something Completely Different From Apple

By Steve Anderson April 24, 2013

Apple's second quarter investment call recently concluded, and by all reports, CEO Tim Cook put out some very impressive food for thought for investors who may be a bit concerned about the recent drops in share price over the last few months. Perhaps most notably of all, Cook noted "the potential of exciting new product categories" during the call, which points to something completely different from Apple. But what is that something different, and what impact might it have on the larger scene?

While Cook wouldn't talk specifics about the new line of devices, he did provide something of a limited timeline. "Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software and services that we can't wait to introduce in the fall and into 2014. We continue to be very confident in our future product plans." Indeed, Cook put special emphasis on 2014, suggesting that there was "really great stuff" to come in 2014, but also suggested there would be some to come in the fall as well.

Cook also acknowledged the drubbing that the stock price took over the last few months, calling it "very frustrating" but at the same time noting that "Apple remains strong."

Cook's discussion of specifics wasn't very extensive here, but interestingly, a combination of past news and a little supposition provides some clear possibilities about what's to come over the next 20 months or so with Apple.

First, the new product category mentioned? That may well have already come to light thanks to earlier reports about a watch-style device from Apple--already being referred to as the "iWatch", though that may not be the final name--that offered many of the same tools as the iPhone and iPad, but in a watch-style form factor. With further reports suggesting that said devices are already heading for the production stage, this may well be the thing that puts a boost in the fall, unless it doesn't hit until the much larger 2014 gap.

 Additionally, some reports have already hit revolving around an Apple radio service on par with Spotify and Pandora following the discovery of hidden functionality in iOS 6.1 involving buttons with radio and buying functions, indicating a possible musical experience.

Clearly, Cook needs some product launch in the fall. It behooves just about any company to have something big and new ready for the Christmas shopping season, which typically kicks off these days around November or even beforehand for the early birds. Some have even seen Christmas wreaths selling as early as June, but still, having a product in play for holiday shopping is just a smart move no matter what the company. While a big drop in stock price never looks good, having a clear plan to improve is always to the credit of the company issuing it, so that's good news for Cook.

The question is, just what else does Apple have up its sleeve? New iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone models are pretty much a given, and the iWatch seems like a clear possibility, but there's likely plenty else we just aren't hearing about, at least, not yet. Apple typically plays news very close to the vest, with few leaks, but there will likely be more rumors to come as fall and 2014 await on the other side of some calendar pages.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing TechZone360 Writer

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