Postmates Brings On-Demand Delivery to the Big Apple

By Robbie Pleasant May 31, 2013

Delivery is now on-demand, at least in New York City. Postmates has launched its on-demand delivery service, which will provide delivery of food from a restaurant or shop to the consumer’s door in an hour or less.

This service has been launched in other cities in the past, such as San Francisco and Seattle, but New York City is the largest most densely-packed one yet, and if you’ve ever been stuck in New York traffic, you’ll know that an hour or less for delivery is quite the promise. Still, this presents a great opportunity for Postmates, providing it with a multitude of new customers and places to deliver from.

The company offers one-click delivery from a variety of restaurants. It goes outside the usual delivery range that many provide, so fewer people in New York will know the sting of being just outside a company’s delivery range. The launch will only support a limited delivery range within Manhattan at first, ranging from 14th Street to 42nd, but it will expand in time.

At the app’s launch, it will offer items from about 1,000 locations within the city. While it’s mostly restaurants, there are some other shops and retailers available, such as American Apparel. It’s also aiming to build a platform from which vendors can create and manage their own menus and items.

With the addition of a merchant login and options, there are many more potentials for the Postmates service. The app is easy to use, and the company is constantly working on adding more restaurants and stores to the service to better improve their network and options, letting customers get what they need quickly.

The company does charge a delivery fee though, so for those who live in close proximity to the business they’re ordering from, the tip they should be giving to the person dropping of what they ordered is probably less expensive. For those located farther away from the restaurants however or ordering from one that does not usually offer delivery, Postmates is a great way to get what you want when you want it.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

TechZone360 Contributor

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