The Top 3 Things I Hate About My iPhone

By Jamie Epstein June 10, 2013

For someone who only about six months back decided to make the life changing decision of switching from her not-so-smart flip phone to the robust smartphone known as the iPhone 5, I can tell you that since that time a majority of the everyday tasks I complete have changed dramatically. From finding my way to a specific location via the phone’s GPS, to just browsing the Web for an important answer to a question as it arises in real-time, I now feel naked without my iPhone in tow.

While everyone likes to talk about the benefits of this product, I don’t think you hear enough about the negative aspects of it. So, ta-da—here are the top three things I hate about the iPhone 5.

1. Battery Life

When commuting to my job at TMC in Norwalk, CT, I am required to take an hour subway ride, walk three avenues from 42nd street to Grand Central Terminal, hop onto Metro North and then usually jam out to tunes until I arrive a the Darien train station in good ol’ Connecticut. What is extremely annoying to me is that after walking out of my house in Brooklyn with a fully charged smartphone, I arrive to my destination with almost no battery life left at all. No matter how many apps I close, I seem to again and again run into this frustrating problem. 

Possible Solution: When doing my research on the best remedy for this problem, I have to say I was truly amazed by the amount of articles that have been written on this very subject, which just serves as further evidence that this is definitely a con of owning this gadget. After looking through these pieces, I came across multiple tips, which have saved my battery a tad. They include: turning on the auto brightness function, a setting that allows your battery to be extended because the screen automatically uses less power when in dark places; disabling Wi-Fi, something that should be turned off at all times unless you are actively seeking an available hotspot; and not looking at my just received e-mails each and every time I hear the notification.

2. No Flash When Using the iPhone’s Reverse Camera Feature

This situation has plagued me again and again. My friends and I love taking pictures of ourselves via the iPhone’s 5 ultra bright camera however; whenever you select the reverse camera option the ability to turn on the flash functionality disappears. It seems to me that the flash should be enabled whenever you are utilizing the device’s camera, no matter if it facing you, facing away from you or it happens to be upside down.

Possible Solution: Highlighted for being completely redesigned when compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 5’s camera surface lens is comprised of sapphire crystal which reportedly is tougher than any other models before it. While it may be harder to scratch and produces lighter pictures than other smartphones in its class, none of that matters when looking to snap the perfect shot that can be cherished for a life time. And unfortunately for iPhone 5 users, at least for now, this is just something we are going to have to deal with for the time being, or we can elect to only use the camera when it is facing the correct way. 

3. Can’t See Anything in the Sun

Beach season is finally here! For someone like me who considers themselves a sun worshipper and makes it a point to go to the beach at least once a weekend, attempting to browse the Web on my phone while sitting in direct sunlight has become somewhat of a problem. I can hardly see anything at all on the screen when sunbathing.

Possible Solution: There are actually quite few products currently on the market to overcome this very problem, but none look quite as cool or are as versatile as the Diff case for iPhone. It serves as a sun shade, privacy hood, tripod mount, protective case and stand. See the video below to get a firsthand look at all of its capabilities.

While I try to think of myself as someone who sees the glass half full as opposed to half empty, the only way major companies like Apple will revamp the next version of their product is by hearing customer complaints. So here’s looking at you, Apple!

Edited by Blaise McNamee

TechZone360 Web Editor

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