Let's Get Real: Top Five Rumors about the iPhone 6

By Lacey Henry July 24, 2013

There’s nothing like an upcoming Apple product to start churning the rumor mill at full force. When it comes to speculating about technology, people are willing to entertain some pretty far-fetched ideas. The iPhone 6 is no exception. Though predictions of its release have ranged from late summer to early 2014 (yet another rumor that changes just about every hour), the latest iPhone has long had groups venturing to guess as to what the new software will feature. Here is a list of five of the top rumors out there.

Bigger Is Better

Out of all of the rumors out there, a bigger screen is probably the most realistic. The current iPhone 5 has a four inch screen. Though an increase from previous models, competitors such as Samsung are already boasting smartphones with screens up to 6.3 inches. Even before recent reports emerged claiming Apple has been testing larger models, many have speculated that Apple will up the size of the iPhone display to 4.8 inches. That’s something I would be willing to put my money on. But the real question is how the design of the phone will change to accommodate a larger screen.  

Likelihood: Almost guaranteed.

360 Degree Coverage 

Image courtesy of Appadvice.com

One of the most popular iPhone 6 concepts involves a wraparound screen in response to complaints that back of the phone is wasted space. Say goodbye to the homescreen and sound adjustment buttons, this model capitalizes on hardware space with a 360 degree display. Some say the depth could provide the illusion of 3-D and revolutionize app design. Though this is aesthetically pleasing, I would imagine there would be a lot of functional hurdles to overcome before this model becomes a reality. I foresee a lot of accidental clicks and unfortunate damage. 

Likelihood: Doubtful. 

Power at the Tip of Your Fingers

Image via iPhone6updates.com

Many are becoming more and more excited about the prospect of finger scanning technology after Apple patented an application to identify scanned fingerprints this week.  Besides the obvious cool factor, it would also deter those sneaky “Apple Pickers,” making it more difficult for the rampant tech thieves to profit from reselling the phones. The one catch on everyone’s mind, however, is how the upgraded technology would impact the price of the already expensive smartphone.

Likelihood: Distinct possibility.

iPhone Turned Mac Desktop

Image via iPhonerumors.com

For this rumor I have one word: awesome. Of all the crazy concept ideas out there, this is my favorite, though probably one of the least likely. Imagine setting up your iPhone to project your Mac desktop screen and keyboard. It would eliminate the weight of the computer hardware and centralize your phone and computer needs in one device. Then again, it might be hard to find a suitable place to project your desktop, not to mention the fact that it’s a bit public. I don’t need the entire world to be reading my Twitter feed along with me.

Likelihood: Pipedream. 

Pulling the Plug

Some have hinted that the new Apple product will feature wireless charging capabilities. That would certainly be convenient. You don’t always have an outlet when you need it and the cords often become a tangled mess. Plus if the iPhone 6 were no longer compatible with the old chargers, it would also be another clever way for Apple to get customers to purchase yet another piece of equipment.

Likelihood: Probable.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Edited by Rich Steeves

Contributing Writer

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