Mobile Gaming: Taking Over Minds, Wallets and Sex Lives

By David Gutbezahl May 14, 2014

Only a few years back, video games were an activity that took a large investment, both in terms of money, in the form of expensive consoles and games, and time, in the form of sitting on a couch absorbed in the games. Smartphones have revolutionized this, bringing mobile games into the hands of thousands. People can play them anywhere, and they only have to spend a few dollars, if anything, to get the best new video games onto their smartphone.

PlayPhone, Inc., a global leader in mobile social gaming, wanted to know just how important mobile games are to people. To achieve this goal, they have been undertaking a project they have deemed the Mobile Gaming Chronicle, a survey of one thousand US mobile gamers.

In February 2014, Part I of the Mobile Gaming Chronicle was released, unveiling interesting demographic information about mobile gamers. Video games have often been considered a male dominated activity, but one of the most interesting discoveries of the Mobile Gaming Chronicle was that 68 percent of mobile gamers are women. The survey also showed that the age group most likely to spend money on mobile games are those between 25-39, not surprising considering this is the first generation that grew up with video games.

Part II of the Mobile Gaming Chronicle, released on May 14, focused more on those who were willing to spend money on mobile games according to Part I.

While women may be the larger demographic playing mobile games, men have won out when it comes to spending money on them. The difference is small, though, as the survey showed that 56 percent of spenders were men, vs. the 46 percent of women. It was also revealed that people of a Latino background were more likely to spend, as 57 percent of Latinos surveyed said they would be willing to spend $5 or more on a mobile game subscription for a complete gaming experience.

It was not shocking to find that those who consider themselves “mobile gamers” and those who spend more than 3 hours a day playing mobile games are more likely to be heavy spenders.

The survey didn't just provide boring demographics though, as it also revealed some interesting notes about the lifestyle of mobile gamers.

68 percent of those surveyed admitted that they have found themselves sacrificing sleep on non-work nights in order to play mobile games. Work doesn't stop many gamers either, as 49 percent reported playing games at work. The heavy gamers, with 3 or more hours a day spent playing, are, of course, even more likely to play games at work, with 60 percent reported playing games at work. 22 percent surveyed even block off parts of their calendar as dedicated mobile gaming time, with 33 percent of the heavy gamers doing so.

The roads aren't safe from gamers either. 17 percent of those surveyed admitted to playing games behind the wheel, with the heavy gamers' numbers going up to 28 percent.

The most shocking numbers came out when the topic of sex was brought up. 20 percent of those surveyed actually confessed that they would rather give up sex for a week than put away their mobile games.

Those rabbis in Israel who want everyone to burn their smartphones, had it all wrong. If they want people to practice abstinence it seems the only thing they have to do is give them an iPhone filled with games. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

TechZone360 Contributing Writer

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