Take Your Email Higher: 5 Ways to Elevate Your Inbox

By TechZone360 Special Guest
Dave Baggett, CEO of Inky
June 17, 2014

You are having one of “those” mornings. You wake up late for work, still have to take the kids to school and just remembered you have an important call with a client… in about 20 minutes. The cherry on top of a wonderful morning: you can’t seem to find the document you need for the call. 

After reaching for your smartphone and accessing your email, you find at least 200 messages in your inbox. That important document for the meeting is in there somewhere; buried under social media pings, job board notifications and numerous subscriptions. It takes about 15 maddening minutes of digging to find that one document.

After going through such a morning one might ask—isn’t there an easier way to access my email? The answer: yes.

Here are five easy ways to organize your email, and in turn, make your day-to-day life run more smoothly.

  1. Connect your legacy accounts

    Chances are you have multiple email accounts. An email for work, a personal account maybe a third that you’ve had forever and aren’t willing to let go.

    With a smart email application, there’s no need to log in and out of multiple accounts to access your messages. Mobile email applications allow you to link all your email accounts and organize them into one, harmonious inbox. You can access that single inbox through the application and check messages, draft new ones and send. 

  2. Highlight significant emails 

    Different message hold different significance and a smart email application is able to identify your most meaningful emails.

    The application searches your inbox and picks out the contacts you frequently exchange messages with—your spouse, landlord or boss— pulling those to the front of your inbox. Additional sorting, filtering and flagging features are also available to help you categorize your emails by personal preference. 

  3. Turn your inbox into a ‘to do’ box 

    There are emails that require no action and others that demand immediate or eventual response. Especially with professional email, unread or un-responded messages are often the most pressing.

    A smart email application offers a view that shows only unread or un-responded messages. You can use that view to compile all your pressing messages, triage your tasks and address each of your emails in a timely, organized manor.

  4. Consolidate your subscriptions

    Daily deals, promotional parties, awesome travel deals, oh my! We get inundated with heaps of subscription emails per day and sometimes they can overwhelm our inbox.

    Luckily, smart email applications have the ability to group all of your subscriptions together in one folder. When the time is right to book a flight or browse the latest diet trends, it can be easily accessed. If you care to unsubscribe, your smart application also makes that easy. 

  5. Use a smartphone friendly application 

    According to a recent study, over half American people access their email solely from their smart phones.  As a result, it’s important to use a system that’s accessible from your phone, not one that makes it more difficult.

    Smart email applications are responsive—built specifically for mobile devices. With intuitive interfaces, user friendly designs and swipe and touch screen capabilities, smartphone email applications make email easy. It’s time to elevate your inbox!   

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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