Want a Slice of Sphere3D? Look to the NASDAQ Global Market Soon

By Steve Anderson July 02, 2014

There have likely been many out there who have looked to invest in one company or another, seeing opportunity therein, but not knowing how to actually put the money to line up with one's metaphorical mouth. That's a development that's about to change for one company, and those who see opportunity in virtualization technology will find it a lot easier to make the investment in a company known as Sphere3D.

Sphere3D has two key product offerings behind it: GLASSWARE 2.0 and the V3 Desktop Cloud Computing System. With GLASSWARE 2.0, users get access to the complete lineup of digital content found on most any desktop from most any Web-enabled device. This may not sound like much until the fullest implications of the idea are considered, as GLASSWARE 2.0 allows access to not only the full range of productivity software systems, but also to things like computer aided design (CAD) systems, proprietary systems, and even social media sites. Plus, at last report, all of the sites will both look and function the same way on mobile devices that said sites would on the desktop thanks to GLASSWARE 2.0.

Meanwhile, the V3 product line is more of a hardware-based function, a line of appliances ready to be brought into play for a VMware environment. The V3 line, depending on which model is selected can accommodate from 25 to 400 virtual Windows desktops, allowing for maximum flexibility and even a measure of scalability, especially in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market, where only 25 may be needed today, but tomorrow, potentially twice as many or beyond. Better yet, the Desktop Cloud Computing architecture contained in the V3 allows for the removal of legacy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) bottlenecks that can slow down a system and make it tougher to work with.

That's a great package overall, and with the new change, Sphere3D can be found on the NASDAQ Global Market, which it expects to do so under the ticker symbol “ANY” sometime around July 8. Once the move goes live, the stock will stop trading on the OTCQX, but will continue to be found, according to reports, on the TSXV. The company has already received confirmation that its application to list has been approved, and it has also filed a registration statement on its Form 40-F to register common shares. Sphere3D's CEO, Peter Tassiopoulos described the measure as “...the first step in a larger U.S capital markets strategy.”

Indeed, it's got a solid background to work with, and Sphere3D may have a good plan in the making here. The company has a noteworthy product line, as we've noted previously, so getting its stock out into a wider market might well help generate further capital for the company for development on the product line to make it even better than it is currently. Naturally, only time will tell if the idea actually works and the company improves its liquidity on the strength of these new releases, but it's a reasonable enough plan in its current form that it could ultimately work.

Sphere3D has quite a bit going for it, and to believe that it will find willing investors with a jump to the NASDAQ Global Market listing makes plenty of sense. It might well be that more will be heard out of Sphere3D in the months ahead.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing TechZone360 Writer

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