6 New Tech Startups Making A Splash

By Drew Hendricks April 10, 2015

In a world where thousands of businesses are started every year, only a few actually make it big. There are plenty of success stories, especially in the tech field. In fact, the tech field is what gave us the world we are living in today that relies on smartphones, computers, and Google to handle all of our needs.

However, most of these success stories are tales of a competent business that operates from day-to-day with a decent customer base, but nowhere near the amount of revenue that gets you noticed by the big names in the press. There are a few that are able to garner widespread attention - the big names such as PayPal, Amazon, Dropbox, and of course, Google.

But what about the startups which haven't had the opportunity to gather those huge press mentions yet or are just starting to really push the envelope? These companies have plenty to teach us, especially since several are on the fast-track to becoming extremely successful.

The following five tech startups are worth paying attention to:

  1. Simple: No one likes banking fees. Today, a consumer may have their personal back account, an account with a larger bank, and an account with a credit union - all at the same time, all for different purposes. Enter Simple, a mobile banking solution that aggregates all bank accounts of the user for no additional fees. You do not even have to get rid of your banks to use Simple, as they split the interest from holding all of your money with the original banks to avoid any sort of difficulty for the user. In a world where banks are seen as public enemy number one, Simple provides a solution for customers who do not want to deal with the hassle of changing banks, providing a huge potential for growth.
  2. Sphero: Right now, Sphero is simply a ball about the size of a tennis ball that can be controlled through your smart phone. Kids and pets go nuts for it, but why should what is essentially an updated RC toy be making a splash in the tech world? Because the possibilities are endless. This technology can easily be used in the medical and military industries, which gives Sphero huge room for growth by utilizing robotics in a smart way.
  3. Pantry Labs: Usually, when you visit a hospital or a school, your vending machine choices lie somewhere between a bag of chips and a candy bar. Pantry Labs seeks to change this by offering healthy choices through their RFID equipped refrigerators, which unlocks its door after a payment for food has been made through credit card or tablet. This long overdue update to the vending machine could bring healthy options to a whole new market, including those who work late hours or live in a food desert.
  4. Hostt: This is one of the hottest hosting startups in Silicon Valley. They offer free Joomla hosting to every client in the World. They have clients purchase a domain and everything else is free. They offer 100% free hosting to everyone out there. This is all paid for with the domain that you keep with Hostt. They are signing up 1000's of customers.
  5. StartApp: Having a great product is one thing, but having a great product that can deliver results to other businesses is another thing entirely. This highly successful mobile marketing company has seen its ad platform downloaded 1.5 billion times on Android, and to further their success, they are branching out to iOS as well. Though this startup has not gathered much funding, this is a testament to its brilliance, Instead of looking for funding, they simply make revenue.
  6. Loot: One of the best ways to make a little side cash for all the little things that you already do. By completing different actions for your favorite brands, such as taking pictures or sharing content on Facebook and Twitter you get paid. They have helped users earn over $100k in the past few weeks.

What other companies have you found that are making a splash in the startup community?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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