Future Watch Apps May Surprise You

By Mike Russo May 27, 2015

If there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear about the Apple Watch, it’s that this isn’t your grandpa’s timepiece. Oh, it tells time, sure. The rest is somewhat up in the air as consumer feedback begins to trickle in.

According to techradar, the super tech watch has more than 1,000 apps at its disposal, yet the number is likely to only increase at wait-and-see speed. Something so new isn’t a slam dunk quite yet, which is why any non-behemoth developer (aka “little guy”) wants to get a better handle on whether the watch will sink or swim.

That measuring stick is held by an even “littler guy”, the individual consumer who may choose not to consume. Either way, it’s likely the decision won’t come down to what sort of single function, play-while-waiting-for-your-flight type of apps are available.

The back of the watch may play the biggest role in determining future user actions. Despite concerning national health statistics, the trend is leaning toward a healthier push by young Americans. Millennials are focusing on exercise and fitness, and apps are available for the Apple Watch that rely on sensors located on the watch’s back. Beyond the standard pulse monitor, the watch can check your blood pressure, count calories, and personalize your experience by entering your height and weight.

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It will also keep track of whether you’re standing, standing and moving, or exercising. All in an effort to reduce what many of us consider to be a sedentary life, the watch is Fitbit-like in that the user can keep track of activities by watching a colored ring grow longer incrementally. There are also specific tracking capabilities for running, and biking, for instance. If the user hasn’t gotten up in a while, an alert sounds as a reminder that it’s time to stand.

All signs point to a future that includes the integration of more experience-rich business applications. Imagine a way to reach customers or employees through their watches, giving them tools to do their work more efficiently or receive services. It’s a concept that has really caught on recently through mobile apps for the phone. In fact, the gap between single function apps such as games and apps that provide real functionality continues to grow at a promising rate. The watch is likely to be a landing place for some really great, customizable tools.

As more generations of the watch roll out and developers create apps that provide “must-have” functionality, the watch could very likely become a product of great demand. The first version is nothing if it is not convenient – at least in some respects – and that’s not a bad thing. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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