Dog Makes it to The Top in UK's Top 10 YouTube Videos for 2011

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez December 22, 2011

A video clip showing a talking dog took YouTube by storm, making it the most watched video in the UK in 2011. The owner teases his dog, telling it that he gave treats to others and ate some himself. The dog's reaction was overdubbed with a voice saying “You're kidding me!” when the owner tells him that he gave the treat to someone else.

Second to this video is a parody of Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton. It shows wedding guests dancing, among other things. This video had actors posing as Prince William and Kate Middleton bumping each other while they danced down the aisle. The prince leapt over his brother and did other silly things.

Google, current owner of YouTube, says that the videos reflect events and people that captured the nation's imagination through 2011. “The 10 most-watched YouTube videos of 2011 show that around the world, whatever language we speak, there are certain things that bring us together around a computer screen or mobile phone. Adorable babies, talented performers, and clever advertising,” said Kevin Allocca, the site's trend manager.

The most interesting and strange video on the top 10 appears to be Nyan Cat, a strange animation of a cat with a “Pop Tart” body flying across space with a rainbow coming out of its rear. The cat consistently meows a melody that repeats for about five minutes. Other videos appeared on the list, which appear more normal.

For example, we have Michael Colling's rendition of "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, used for an audition for “Britain's Got Talent” - an ITV show. Another video shows two twin boys speaking gibberish to each other in their parents' kitchen. Altogether, the top 10 videos received more than 285 million views throughout the world since they have appeared on the web.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez is a professional writer with experience in computer sciences, technology, and gadgets. He has written for multiple technology and travel outlets and owns his own tech blog called The Tech Guy, where he writes educational, informative, and sometimes comedic articles for an audience that is less versed in technology.

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