iPhone 4 Sets Off Alarm Bells - A Little Too Late

By Cindy Waxer November 01, 2010

The next time you’re looking for a great excuse to be late for work, blame it on your phone. Hundreds of British iPhone owners were late for work after a software bug caused the alarm on the Apple device to fail to adjust when the country’s clocks changed.

Although there was no immediate response from Apple, the company promised last month that a software patch was in development when iPhone users from Australia and New Zealand encountered similar problems. Their alarms actually went off an hour early as the country switched to daylight saving time.

This isn’t the first software glitch to anger iPhone users. In June, a small number of customers found a bug in the device that caused their phones to lose signal strength when customers held the phone in their left hands.

In response, Apple recommended that users simply shouldn’t hold the phone the wrong way, or should purchase a special iPhone case that essentially places a ‘bumper’ around the edge of the phone for a mere $29.

Unfortunately, that suggestion didn’t placate all users. In July, Apple was sued in a San Francisco District Court, along with AT&T, in a Maryland District Court, for allegedly “perpetuating a massive fraud upon hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting customers” by releasing a phone with known antenna issues.

New Jersey resident Alan Benvenisty and Massachusetts resident Christopher Dydyk -- seeking to also represent other iPhone 4 owners -- filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple in a San Francisco District Court, according to Bloomberg.Additionally, in a District Court in Maryland, area residents Kevin McCaffrey and Linda Wrinn similarly filed suits against both Apple and AT&T, also citing issues related to the iPhone 4's antenna.

Not to mention last month when there were complaints that people could access the iPhone 4 without knowing the security keycode.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

TechZone360 Contributing Editor

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