TechZone 360 Week in Review

By Steve Anderson September 15, 2012

While there was nothing to change the length of the week this week, the September 11 anniversary came for the United States, and brought with it not only a flurry of feelings, memories and discussions, but also several points of tech news. We've got all of them for you this week, so settle in and let's run down the week that was in our TechZone360 Week in Review.

First, we got word from no less than Mark Zuckerberg, talking about the state of Facebook stock and that even he was, indeed, disappointed by the performance of same. Zuckerberg admitted to "a number of missteps" made by the company, as well as its conversion to a mobile company to better take advantage of the growing movement toward mobile devices.

Next, September 11 itself brought a discussion of 911, E911, and the lessons learned about both, as well as security in general, in the wake of what may well be the worst tragedy the United States has ever seen. The lessons in particular often revolved around issues of security, and, while many advancements had been made, there were also issues that remained unresolved and were in sore need of addressing. Businesses took a wider view of risk management, considering what had previously been unthinkable, but there was still a clear lag in terms of E911 capability, among others.

Then we took a look at tablet season in general. With the buildup to the holiday shopping season--covering Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and others--now in full swing, several new tablets either have emerged or are preparing to do so. Between the recently-launched Google Nexus 7, the recent updates to the Amazon Kindle line, the still-rumored Apple iPad Mini and reports of an updated Nook, there will be a wide variety of tablets from which to choose this holiday season.

Next, we had a special report, running down everything that a user could need to know about the iPhone 5. With a huge amount of material in play, we got a simpler, scaled-down look at the high points surrounding this major hardware release from Apple. The report ran down specifics on the device's display, its wireless connection capabilities, its camera, its pricing structure, and plenty more.

Finally, we had a special report about "digital danger" and its growing impact on technology consumers and users of all stripes. While the urge to get the latest, greatest, newest and best is a strong one, there's an equally strong urge from some quarters to break the latest, greatest, newest and best. With issues of privacy and compliance intermingling with issues of safety related to cyber attacks--not to mention the issues related to having all that information out for public consumption at all given times of the day--it leaves a lot of room for troubles to follow the consumer on one level or another, so mindfulness of those "digital dangers" is important indeed.

There was plenty going on this week, and not just on the technology front. With tablets and new iPhone releases coming out, and security considerations in the light of the 9 / 11 anniversary working, there was plenty of tech news on which to keep an eye. Our global online community, meanwhile, is always on the watch for news to bring your way, so be sure to join us back here next week for more exciting news in the sector, and of course, back here every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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