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By Steve Anderson August 18, 2012

It was, not surprisingly, another huge week in terms of technology. With new purposes for old gadgets, and old problems needing solved by way of new gadgets, there's always something new to talk about in the field of technology in general. We've made it just a little easier to keep up with all the news flow coming out thanks to our TechZone360 Week in Review, so let's settle in and check out what was big this week in technology!

First we had a look at the concept of broadband in the United States. As it turns out, thanks to rapid expansion over the last several years, all but two percent of homes in the United States have access to terrestrial broadband, according to recent reports. Providing terrestrial broadband access to those two percent of homes, meanwhile, would cost upward of $50,000 per home due to their remote locations and other considerations of access.

Next came a report that Apple had retaken the top slot in the tablet market. A study from IHS iSuppli revealed that Apple's global market share had risen to fully 70 percent in the second quarter of 2012, and shipments overall were up for both the new iPad and iPad 2 models alike to an impressive degree.

There was also news of a report for everybody that uses apps, and how to protect personal data from the problems posed by "leaky apps." With alarm being sounded about the cloud and its accompanying apps from Steve Wozniak on down, privacy and protection of information is a deep concern that's front of mind for many people. Systems like NetAuthority and Mobilescope will go a long way, meanwhile, toward providing protection for all that personal data by doing things like alerting users that information is being transferred.

Then we caught wind of a recent study posed to determine if there was a correlation between Internet use and depression. The results, meanwhile, were that there was indeed at least some relationship between the two, though the exact extent of that relationship was unclear. Depression by itself is hard to diagnose, and the causal nature of the Internet as a depression vector difficult to pin down, but it did at least seem like there were some connections between frequent Internet use and depression. It wasn't so much that the Internet caused depression, but rather that frequent Internet use may have been an expression of depression.

Finally, we got a look at some of Microsoft's plans for the future, specifically relating to its desktop and storage server markets. While Microsoft has been on an absolute tear in recent weeks with Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Microsoft Surface development, the desktop and server segments haven't been addressed to the same degree. But with Windows 8 looking to make its way to desktops, changes may well be in the near future for the larger form-factor devices as well. Only time will tell just what's in store for Windows devices, but it may well bring a new PC element to what was called the post-PC era.

That was the week that was in technology, with plenty to examine more closely and consider as various technology-related plans are made. With revamps to the nation's broadband philosophy and the constant tug of war between Apple and Microsoft, among others, for supremacy, it makes for a busy week indeed. Our global online community is keeping constant watch for all the best news, so join us back here next week for more news on technology, distilled down into our Week in Review every weekend on TechZone360!

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