Yahoo to Blame in Windows 7 Phone Data Consumption Problems


Data consumption is a common problem on smartphone devices, but when it causes overage charges on the monthly bill, customers start to get a little cranky. Windows Phone 7 users have found this to be an ongoing occurrence and according to this Tech Tree report, Yahoo is to blame.

The Windows Phone 7 was launched by Microsoft in mid-October of 2010. Since November, the devices has been available in the U.S. and lately emerged into the India market. Programmer and author Rafael Rivera, blogged recently that there was proof pointing to Yahoo as the main culprit for over-usage of data connection.

Hours after his blog post was spotted by Microsoft, the software giant confirmed with technology analyst Paul Thurrott that the problem was caused by a loophole in the mail synchronization of e-mail between WP Mail client and Yahoo Mail. Both companies are now working together to try and roll out a fix, expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Rivera discovered the problem with his data over usage by checking out the synchronization bug that exists between Yahoo IMAP Server and Windows Phone Mail Client. Rivera argued that the Yahoo IMAP server will not respond to the "FETCH" requests to pull e-mail data correctly. As a result, the phone uses 25 times more data packets for that operation.

In his own blog, Thurrott confirmed that he received an official note from Microsoft, admitting that the glitch exists and assuring that there are working with Yahoo to devise the proper fix. Until then, all Windows Phone 7 owners are encouraged to make specific changes to keep their mobile data usage under control.

Following these steps may help to mitigate data consumption overages:

Click on the arrow at the top right of the Start screen of the Windows Phone 7

Select “Settings” from the app list

Select “E-mail & Accounts”

Select “Yahoo! Mail”

Click on the setting under “Download new content”

Select a less frequent setting, such as “manually”

Click on the setting under “Download e-mail from”

Select a shorter time range, such as “to the last 7 days.”

In other Windows Phone 7 news, TechZone360 recently reported that Sony Ericsson, a consumer electronics and telecommunications company, is more deeply invested in Windows Phone 7 than the manufacturer has let on in the past. A Windows Phone from Sony Ericsson has been rumored for months, but the phone maker won’t confirm its plans, saying only that it was looking into Microsoft’s new mobile OS as a possible platform for future devices.

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