Unlocking Recruiting Potential: Leveraging LinkedIn Messaging API

By: Contributing Writer    9/20/2023

In the cheap place of hire, the strength of useful contact could be extreme. On the other hand, where details flow at the race of bright, businesses &…

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Safe and Sound: A Guide to Auditing and Strengthening Digital Data Protection

By: Contributing Writer    9/12/2023

In today's heavily digital economy, data represents one of a company's most valuable assets and a key competitive advantage. But maximising the potent…

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How to Conduct a Data Security Audit to Assess Vulnerabilities

By: Contributing Writer    9/7/2023

Businesses today retain a lot of data about both internal operations and their customers. This information is one of your strongest assets, but that a…

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How Cyber Attack Can Ripple a Company's Operation

By: Contributing Writer    8/30/2023

Cyber attacks and Data breaches are pretty common these days. In the first half of 2022, businesses lost an average of $4.35 million. At the same time…

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Cybersecurity: How to Stay Secure and Be Compliant

By: Contributing Writer    8/25/2023

The internet plays a huge part in our daily lives. We use it to find information, book tickets, pay bills and collaborate on work projects. Cybersecur…

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NETGEAR'S New Pro Router Delivers Network Solutions for Both Residential and Commercial Installations

By: Alex Passett    8/23/2023

NETGEAR has debuted its hassle-free, cloud-managed routing solution via the new PR460X Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router, which comes with a four-year…

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Data Detection and Response (DDR): Why SASE is No Longer Enough

By: Contributing Writer    8/22/2023

Data Detection and Response (DDR) has emerged as a crucial safeguard against sophisticated threats in today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape…

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Following Wimbledon, IBM Serves Another Ace by Bringing Generative AI to the US Open

By: Alex Passett    8/21/2023

IBM is bringing more of its watsonx generative AI resources to fan's digital experiences for the US Open Tennis Championships this year.

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How Are Manufacturers Benefiting from EPR Registration?

By: Contributing Writer    8/17/2023

The world today is leaning on sustainable ways to save the environment. Regulations like Extended Producer Responsibility have come up and continue to…

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Uncovering the internet's most enduring threat: The Email Threat Landscape

By: Contributing Writer    8/15/2023

Twenty-three years ago, a Filipino computer science student realized he could no longer afford to pay for internet access. But Onel de Guzman was not …

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A Billion-Dollar Bet on AI? The Potential Game-Changer for Fintech

By: Alex Passett    8/15/2023

Ripplewood Holdings could be considering a hefty billion-dollar investment in the minds at OpenAI.

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Shift Left Security: Is DevOps (Only) DevOps Anymore?

By: Contributing Writer    8/8/2023

Over time, new developments in technology and the threat landscape have made it so that cybersecurity is a pressing concern for almost everybody. As a…

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Complete Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization

By: Contributing Writer    8/8/2023

Cloud Cost Optimization is the process of reducing your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity…

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Does Cyber Insurance Help Protect You from Insider Threats?

By: Contributing Writer    7/21/2023

In the world of cybersecurity, professionals are always in competition with cybercriminals, attempting to adapt security tactics and technologies as q…

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5 Reasons You Must Know Your Application Dependencies

By: Contributing Writer    7/19/2023

Application dependencies refer to the relationships between software components that rely on one another to function properly. In simpler terms, imagi…

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AI on the Path to the Finals: IBM Serves an Ace by Bringing Generative AI to Wimbledon

By: Alex Passett    7/14/2023

New IBM AI Draw Analysis and AI Commentary features are here for tennis fans enjoying their Wimbledon experiences.

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What Are Responsive Images and Using them to Improve Your Website

By: Contributing Writer    7/14/2023

The term "responsive images" refers to images that adjust to fit the size of the device screen they are being viewed on. They are an essential aspect …

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What Is Cloud Bursting and Why It is a Game Changer for Your Organization

By: Contributing Writer    7/14/2023

Cloud bursting is an application deployment model that allows an organization to run applications in a private cloud or data center and "burst" into a…

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Safety and Accountability: Motorola Launches Mobile Broadband-Enabled Body-Worn Camera

By: Alex Passett    7/13/2023

Motorola Solutions' bodycam integrates with the company's ecosystem of other safety-oriented products (like in-car video and radio solutions) to offer…

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As AI Advancements Urge the Progression of AI Regulations, Most of Today's Companies are Underprepared

By: Alex Passett    7/7/2023

Operational AI company Verta conducted its 2023 AI Regulations study earlier this year, surveying more than 300 AI and ML practitioners about prepared…

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What Are Kubernetes Health Checks and Why They Make Users Happier

By: Contributing Writer    7/5/2023

As you navigate the world of Kubernetes, an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications, it'…

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US Cities Prioritize Drone Shows for the Fourth of July as Environmental Concerns Rise

By: Alex Passett    7/3/2023

In California, Utah, Colorado and other U.S. states, fireworks are being boxed up and drone shows are being unboxed for Fourth of July skybound entert…

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What Security Threats Do Cloud Ecosystems Commonly Face?

By: Contributing Writer    6/30/2023

Take a look at our guide to the cloud and its security risks to ensure that you are protected and prepared for a rainy day coming from the cloud.

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Freelancer Management Systems: A 2023 Guide

By: Contributing Writer    6/27/2023

Freelancer management systems (FMS) are platforms designed to help businesses manage their relationships with freelance workers. They are typically cl…

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Customer-Centricity Meets Consumer Trends: The Winning CX Formula

By: Contributing Writer    6/16/2023

When brands focus on customer-centricity and creating an excellent customer experience (CX), they develop loyal followers and grow over time. While ju…

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AWS Cost Management: 2023 Guide

By: Contributing Writer    6/12/2023

AWS Cost Management is a suite of tools and services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help organizations effectively manage and optimize their …

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5 Strategies for Preventing Malware in the Cloud

By: Contributing Writer    6/12/2023

Malware, short for malicious software, is any software designed to harm or exploit a computer system. It can take various forms, including viruses, wo…

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Getting Started with GitOps for Amazon Lambda

By: Contributing Writer    6/12/2023

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows developers to run code without provisioning or managing s…

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How Technology Has Affected eCommerce?

By: Contributing Writer    6/8/2023

Today, the eCommerce sector is still growing and for a good reason. The fact of the matter is the modern technology keeps evolving and reshaping how c…

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The Ambidexterity in Digital Transformation

By: Lenildo Morais    6/8/2023

There are two ways of distinguishing digital transformation: representative and generative digital transformation. Digital ambidexterity embraces both…

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As Open Source on the Mainframe Continues to Gain Popularity, Linux Foundation Announces Call for Papers

By: Arti Loftus    6/8/2023

The Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project has announced the launch of Call for Proposals (CFPs) for its 4th annual Open Mainframe Summit.

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Jumio Unmasks the Deceptive World of Deepfakes

By: Greg Tavarez    6/7/2023

Jumio, a provider of automated identity proofing solutions, recently released its 2023 Online Identity Study to shed light on the potential risks pose…

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A Boost to Enterprise Printing: ThinPrint Launches New Print Management Solution

By: Alex Passett    6/6/2023

The latest iteration to ThinPrint's solutions portfolio is ThinPrint 13. It features V4 printer driver support, cost-saving options, a PowerShell exte…

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Spotify's AI DJ is Gaining Traction, Expanding into New Markets

By: Alex Passett    6/1/2023

Music streaming giant Spotify previously launched its AI DJ feature in the U.S. and Canada, and now the U.K. and Ireland, as well. This AI-powered DJ …

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Scepter, ExxonMobil and AWS to Develop Innovative Platform for Methane Monitoring

By: Greg Tavarez    6/1/2023

Scepter and ExxonMobil joined forces with AWS to develop an innovative data analytics platform aimed at characterizing and quantifying methane emissio…

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Prepare for Impact: AI Will Revolutionize Every Organization, Application, and Service

By: Reece Loftus    5/30/2023

The opportunity cost in not embracing AI is very real because of the ways AI improves productivity and quality and reduces cost at an unprecedented ra…

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NextPlane's Affordable Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling Solution for UCaaS and Service Providers

By: TechZone360 Staff    5/23/2023

NextPlane's Affordable Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling Solution for UCaaS and Service Providers

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5 Gmail Security Tips Every Business Should Know

By: Contributing Writer    5/17/2023

Gmail security refers to the various features and best practices implemented by Google to protect Gmail users' accounts and data from unauthorized acc…

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Home Sweet Smart Home: The Perks of Arlo's Subscription Plans

By: Alex Passett    5/16/2023

Smart security company Arlo cleared a milestone of more than 2 million total paid subscribers, which speaks to its dedication to secure and private us…

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Outpacing Competitors, AGON by AOC Monitor Lineup Recognized by the IDC

By: Alex Passett    5/12/2023

AOC, a long-established brand of monitor and IT accessories, has received IDC (International Data Corporation) recognition; particularly for its sub-b…

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DefensX Announces Additional Financing to Address Rising Social Engineering Threats

By: Matthew Vulpis    5/8/2023

DefensX, developer of a Zero Trust Secure Web Browser extension and solutions announced an additional round of funding from Invest101.

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Home Security Solutions for Peace of Mind, Courtesy of Arlo

By: Alex Passett    5/8/2023

For indoor and outdoor smart home safety solutions, securities provider Arlo has options for a variety of use cases.

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Responses to the Energy Crisis: Price Hikes, Sleepless Nights, and Push Toward Sustainability

By: Alex Passett    5/3/2023

Global connectivity solutions provider Arelion recently conducted a report regarding escalating energy prices and what this has entailed for business …

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What are the Benefits of Setting SBTs?

By: Contributing Writer    4/27/2023

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) business targets is becoming increasingly popular among companies that want…

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Cracking Down on the Rising Tide of Web-Borne Threats With a Secure Browser

By: Reece Loftus    4/25/2023

DefensX recently announced it has closed on a financing round by Revo Capital, a venture capital fund investing in innovative, seed, and early-stage B…

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Technology in the legal profession

By: Contributing Writer    4/25/2023

In many industries it is the most natural thing in the world, well-converting websites. An app and other technological developments. We are also going…

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High Volume of Data Leads to Bad Business Performance

By: Greg Tavarez    4/24/2023

According to a new study by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, 85% of people say the inability to make decisions is having a negative impact on their quality o…

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The Influence of the Metaverse: How Extended Realities are Heralding Societal Changes

By: Alex Passett    4/20/2023

The metaverse has picked up traction in the last two to five years, and people by the millions are plugging in.

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The Double-Edged Sword of ChatGPT: Data Leaks and other Security Disruptions

By: Alex Passett    4/17/2023

ChatGPT has its pros, but also its very worrying cons; in a recent cybersecurity report, Network Assured shared information about ChatGPT-involved int…

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Blending Into the Metaverse: Absolut Powers Connections at Coachella

By: Alex Passett    4/13/2023

Absolut and Hey! VINA are doubling down on "phygital" (physical and digital) connections with a new metaverse-enabled friendship-matching experience f…

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