Regretting Your Profile-Page Facebook Move? There's A Form for That


Don’t worry, Facebook will help you out.

Were you one of those who converted a profile into a page and lived to regret it? Looks like Mark Zuckerberg feels your pain.

Facebook “has created an appeal form for users who want to reverse course on their profile-to-page migration,” according to Mashable, which notes that, yes, as many have learned the hard way, “the Facebook profile migration tool may leave users with some unintended consequences.”

We have personal experience talking here, as Mashable’s Christian Warren bravely raises her hand and says if you’re one of the users “who, like me, made the ill-fated decision to use the Facebook migration tool,” there is an appeal form. It doesn’t mean your profile will automatically be reversed, but “it is at least a start.”

Facebook fanzine and gossip site says, “You can find this within the ‘contact us’ section of Facebook’s help center.”

We’ll be frank here: We waste as much time as the next guy on Facebook, but we’ve never dabbled in such high-end uses, as we spend our time dispensing pearls of wisdom to those obviously in need of political enlightenment. We haven’t converted a profile to a page ourselves, not even really sure why anybody would want to, but there you go. We’re not sure why anybody would want to follow the Kardashians on Twitter either, but millions do.

According to the wording on the form, “Profile to business Page migrations are meant for profiles that do not represent a person. If you have accidentally migrated your profile to a Page, you can submit your request for a reversal. Please keep in mind that we will remove your business Page if your profile is restored.”

Again, not all appeals will be approved, but it seems there are enough people who, like Warren, have a “tale of near Facebook suicide.”

As Warren counsels, “avoid using the migration tool unless you need to convert the page of a brand or business for terms of service reasons.”

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