DKNY Twitter Followers Hop Around London and NYC Stores for Prizes


If you think you’re too old to participate in an Easter egg hunt, think again. Today (Thursday), fashion brand DKNY called on its Twitter followers to not only get in the Easter spirit but check out its new store merchandise through a tweet-driven scavenger hunt.

Fashionistas in the New York and London area were encouraged to follow DKNY’s Twitter account, @DKNY, to get the latest clues for uncovering chocolate Easter eggs and other special “treats” distributed throughout the New York and London locations today.

On Clue 8, one lucky follower discovered a chocolate bunny rabbit sitting atop a pair of black kitten heels in the London store. The clue, “I’m a kitten but I don’t purr,” led the participant to the oh-so-chic heels, which she took a photo of with her smartphone and tweeted to the DKNY Twitter account.

A $1,000 shopping spree was up for grabs in this mad hunt for the latest merchandise to hit racks and shelves in the DKNY stores. At about, 11:45 a.m. EST in the U.S., DKNY announced the conclusion of the race: “I hereby declare a tie between NY and London!!!! Gifts to follow for all! Happy #DKNYHUNT all! Thanks for playing!! Xo DKNY PR GIRL.”

In New York, three separate players found the prize, in which DKNY tweeted that they would all be sharing the $1,000 shopping spree, later followed by a tweet, #sharingiscaring.

DKNY’s Twitter-hosted scavenger hunt follows closely behind an Earth Day-themed hunt that took place this week in New York City. Hosted by the Travelocity Roaming Gnome, Twitter followers went out to find the “greenest” hotspots from uptown to downtown Manhattan for a shot at prizes. Prior the race, the Roaming Gnome consistently posted tweets enticing followers to try their best at pinning down the gnome and his accompanying prizes. One tweet read, “First 3 to arrive win a $150 gift card to this store, whose new collection uses environmentally adapted & sustainable materials.” The store? H&M on Fifth Avenue, which collected three lucky winners.

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