Beyonce Sends Message of Girl Power, Thanks to Atlantis Crew


While American R&B recording artist, actress and fashion designer Beyoncé has been busy spreading her message of girl power through her lyrics here on Earth, she is also delivering this same message out in space. 

The songstress, well-known for the hip-shaking “Single Ladies” dance and her marriage to hip-hop star Jay-Z, sent a very special message up to the crew aboard the Atlantis space shuttle – and it was nothing short of out of this world.

"Good morning, Atlantis. This is Beyoncé," she said in her recorded message to the International Space Station-bound astronauts. "Sandy, Chris, Doug and Rex, you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams, to know that we're strong enough and smart enough to achieve them."

In her message, B honed in on female crew member Sandy Magnus and played her a clip of her most recent single, “Run the World (Girls),” which talks all about female empowerment. "This song is especially for my girl Sandy," Beyoncé told Magnus, a mission specialist. "And all the women who've taken us to space with them and the girls who are our future explorers."

In response, Magnus took a bit of time out from her work aboard the Atlantis to deliver a personal message back to Houston: "Good morning, Houston! A big thanks to Beyoncé for taking some time out of her schedule to record us a greeting. We're ready for another day here in Atlantis! Hopefully we as a team at NASA can keep our inspirational work up for the young people of America."

Beyoncé is certainly well-known for popping up in unexpected places. She just recently paid a visit to a New York Target and even surprised a group of aspiring youth hip hop dancers in Harlem. Perhaps B will give the crew a well-deserved dance lesson once they return to Earth in a week.

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