Aggravating and Annoying Apps

By Jamie Epstein February 28, 2013

While applications you can access via your device of choice were developed as ways to keep you both entertained and informed, some are doing a little less alerting and little more abusing. Take a look at the Wake N Shake Alarm Clock for example, a new app that wakes you from your sound slumber by shaking violently until your turn it off.

For those of you who like to wake up to soothing music or maybe even the low hum of an alarm clock, this is most definitely not the app for you. But it does do one thing effectively – it gets your butt out of bed and into gear.

 "When it comes to alarm apps, Wake N Shake has very few rivals when it comes to its ability to get you out of bed, ready to seize the day," Pedro Alejandro Wunderlich, the app's co-founder and designer, said in a statement.

The idea behind the solution came to the forefront of the mind of Wunderlich when he was a student at Texas Christian University and was always hitting his snooze button to get a few more precious minutes of nighty night time before rolling out of bed. After continuously being late to class, he realized there had to be another way to be awoken without the possibility of an always available snooze time frame, and went to work with his partner Andres Canella in 2011.

The offering progresses in shaking strength the longer you ignore it with up to 10 levels, ensuring even the heaviest sleeper wakes up at their desired time.

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He added, "Being able to ignore your alarm clock, or shut it off while half-dreaming was too easy. We discussed the need for something more powerful… After concluding that it was a big enough problem, we brainstormed for a few weeks to come up with a 'merciless alarm clock' that would really motivate people to get out of bed."

After simply googling the term “annoying apps,” I was amazed by the intense amount of results I saw. Ranking high were AOL Instant Messenger due to the fact that a random video begins each time you accidently place your mouse on the top of the AIM panel, and iTunes was highlighted because of its continuous updates, overly long downloading times and sheer incompatibility to play songs and videos on non-Apple devices.

Even more interesting to note is that some Android apps were created with the exact intention of annoying the public. For someone you can’t stand, consider trying out Annoying Sounds, The Annoying Monkey, Annoying Noises, Annoying Piano or even Annoying Meter. Some are free and others cost up to $1.99.

In our busy lives, we are forced to complete tedious tasks that can work our last nerve. But sometimes, a little payback to individuals who couldn’t care less about how their actions make us feel just seems necessary. Get your point across without being violent with a little help from your friend technology.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

TechZone360 Web Editor

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