GPS Gets Brought to a Whole Other Level


Maps these days are like a foreign concept for my generation who has long been using navigation systems to find their way to and fro wherever they wish to travel. With step-by-step turns and even the option on some systems to select whether you prefer a male or female to lead the way, it’s hard to imagine a life before GPS innovations.

Today, this technology has been brought to an even higher level, helping to reduce the frustration and overall waste of time that occurs when sitting in traffic moving slower than a snail. For people that live in large metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles, traffic is a part of everyday life but that doesn’t mean it is any less annoying. To combat the precious moments of our lives being wasted away while at a standstill on the road, Professor Cyrus Shahabi and his PhD student Ugur Demiryurek went to work to create a smartphone app named ClearPath that is based upon rich data that can forecast where traffic is mostly likely to take place.

"What’s unique is that we utilize a lot of data that’s currently become available including traffic data, weather data, and we analyze that so that we can predict what’s going to happen in front of you when you leave home," Shahabi commented in a recent report.

Powering nearly two and half years of traffic-related information from over 9,000 sensors located in L.A., accidents are also noted which can improve the quality of life for those driving in California.

He added, “"Now you are driving you have an accident in front of you but the accident is 20 minutes away and you know from historical data that that accident would clear by the time you get there. We can take that into account and send you toward the accident because we think by the time you get there there wouldn’t be any accident."

While there are many GPS offerings currently on the market, ClearPath sets itself apart from competitors as it can literally clear your path via keeping you constantly updated on current traffic conditions, as well as the fastest way to arrive safely at your destination.

For those of you out there dying to avoid traffic like the plague once and for all, sit tight because the application won’t be officially debuted for another two months. And even after that launch, you have to live in Los Angeles to benefit from it. Luckily, the twosome do have plans in the near future to make their offering accessible across the country and even the world.

In related news, a few weeks back Magellan, possibly one of the most well known GPS providers, unveiled the Magellan SmartGPS apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. It is predicted that the next generation of product will offers users a more intimate traveling experience by making key information, such as facts about companies you are passing on your route as well as reviews, readily available.

 "We architected the Smart Ecosystem to integrate with automotive infotainment and mobile network service platforms so users can enjoy a truly mobile, connected car experience now,"  Peggy Fong, president of MiTAC Digital Corporation, parent company of Magellan said at the time of the announcement.

Get in the know in relation to where you are trying to go!

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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