Top 5 iOS Apps for Filmmakers and Photographers


The release of the iPhone and iPad has brought about huge changes to the ways we interact with applications apart from a computer. And as the iOS App Store continues to evolve, so does its utility for filmmakers and photographers. From camera light meters to weather trackers, the versatility and diversity of iOS apps has positively impacted the constantly evolving digital work environment of just about every hardworking filmmaker and photographer.

To get ahead of the curve, here are five indispensible apps that you should download now: 

1. The Music BedFree

If work were fun, they’d call it “play.” But with The Music Bed’s new app for iOS devices, you can have the best of both worlds. The app allows filmmakers and photographers access to The Music Bed’s impressive catalogue of artists right at their fingertips. Swipe to reveal recently added songs or search for music by different criteria. If you hear something you like, just tap the photo, album cover, or artwork to instantly add it to your wish list. You can even apply for a license right on the spot. You’ll save valuable hours in research time and discover great new artists with this impressively comprehensive app.

Click here to download The Music Bed.

2. Sun Scout$9.99

Filmmakers and photographers know all too well the importance (and frustrations) of finding the right time and location to get the perfect lighting for a shot. Sun Scout uses your smartphone or tablet’s compass feature to show where the sun will be located at a particular time, giving you a powerful tool for avoiding inconvenient shadows from dawn to dusk.

Click here to download Sun Scout.

3. mRelease $2.99

Getting permission to use your photographs commercially has always been a tricky process—until now. mRelease lets you get signatures from the subjects of your photos or from property owners, streamlining the process into one powerful iOS app. Just embed and ID your photos into a PDF created by mRelease, and then personalize the branding header with your company name and logo. And because we know you’re probably wondering, we’re happy to report that the PDFs generated by mRelease are accepted by photography agencies like Aleny and Getty Images. Using mRelease is a simple way to avoid legal trouble, and it’s a must for any commercial photographer.

Click here to download mRelease.

4. Dark Sky$3.99

Weather can easily become your biggest enemy when you’re shooting on location with limited resources, so knowing what to expect from Mother Nature is crucial. Based on your GPS location, Dark Sky (dubbed by its creators as an “accurate short-term weather predictor”) will notify you minute-by-minute when the rain is expected to hit and for how long, giving you ample time to cover up your gear and get inside quick. While Dark Sky provides notifications up to just an hour in advance, getting a heads-up before the sky turns dark is invaluable for filmmakers and photographers looking to avoid the rain.

Click here to download Dark Sky.

5. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder $29.99 

This app is pricier than the others on our list, but many filmmakers will tell you it’s more than worth the cost. Artemis Director’s Viewfinderallows you to simulate exactly what you’ll see through your own camera’s viewfinder. It provides tools to crop an image to any aspect ratio, a huge set of virtual lenses to choose from, and it even lets you record the geographic coordinates, as well as the pan and tilt angles as you snap a photo. Basically, it has everything you need to get the perfect shot. 

Click here to download Artemis Director’s Viewfinder.

These are some great apps, but we’re just scratching the surface. What apps have you found useful for your independent projects?

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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