V-Moda, Ventev, Moshi Bring Out New Gadgets for Gamers and Beyond


There's no shortage of exciting options when it comes to peripherals, especially when it comes to gaming peripherals, like the increasingly popular Oculus Rift. A pair of new options have emerged from V-Moda geared toward the gamer who wants to keep in touch with the rest of the gaming community, but there are some other new peripherals recently emerged that may be of interest as well.

First, the offerings from V-Moda comprise two new items, the BoomPro and the CoilPro. The BoomPro is a boom mic that offers surprising clarity of voice as well as the reduction of background noise, two important features for gamers wanting to be heard, but also, for users of voice services in general. The BoomPro is built with durability in mind, boasting a 3.5mm connection—which allows it to easily plug in to many common devices, though a set of adapters is also included for less common connections--plated in 24k gold, a bendable arm comprised of SteelFlex material, and a connector cable that's been reinforced with Kevlar. The BoomPro comes with a Control Clip for volume controls—including a mute button—and V-PORT technology geared toward offering great sound quality.

Meanwhile, the CoilPro is a coiled cable that offers an extra 12 feet of connection length, and was again built for durability with 24k gold 3.5mm plugs on both ends, and the cables are tested to withstand over 1.2 million bends, which makes it a cable for a lifetime. That kind of durability makes it useful for most anyone using a headset, from DJ users to production studio users to, once again, gamers and beyond. Both devices are set to sell for $30.

But it's not just V-Moda rolling out the new hardware. Ventev is offering some new charger capability for the mobile device user, with the Wallport r2200, which can charge any two USB devices at once. This means that a pair of tablets at 2.1 amps can charge, or so too can a pair of smartphones at one amp of charging power. Additionally, the Powercase 2000 boasts a 2000mAh battery, providing iPhone 5 devices with six to eight hours of power in a non-slip matte finish. The Powercase 5000 is also a new release, offering two USB ports for simultaneous charging. The Wallport r2200 sells at $30, while the Powercase 2000 sells for $89.99, and the Powercase 5000 sells at $54.99.

Finally, there's a release from Moshi, who is bringing out the Moshi Cardette 3, a USB 3.0 card reader that offers those who need quick access to substantial storage on the go—photographers, filmmakers, and even some breeds of gamer—with an easy way to work with a variety of storage media. The Moshi Cardette 3 will work with microSD, SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, and the USB 3.0 connection will allow for easy intermingling with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. The Moshi Cardette is set to sell for $48.95.

While there are clearly uses for all these peripherals beyond the gaming market, said peripherals do have some terrific potential uses for the gaming market as well. Highly durable products that keep a gamer moving—and gaming—regardless of location are always welcome, and considering how many different breeds of memory card the Moshi Cardette will work with, it's a tool that's going to be valuable for many types of user. There are some great new tools afoot, and there likely will be plenty of competitors for these devices to emerge in the near future.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

Contributing TechZone360 Writer

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