New Version of IceWarp E-mail Server Will Fully Support Apple's New iOS 7 Notes Sync Feature


IceWarp is a leading provider of all-inclusive business messaging solutions, and offers organizations an all-in-one highly secure solution. It enables their mobile workforce to communicate through any platform; it doesn’t matter if they prefer e-mail, mobile synchronization, chat, SMS, voice or video.

IceWarp announced Sept. 25 that its next release of IceWarp Email Server will fully support Apple’s newest iOS 7 Notes synchronization feature. This next version will automatically synchronize Notes between iOS 7, Microsoft Outlook and IceWarp.

Previous versions have supported the synchronization of e-mail, calendars, contacts and reminders between iOS, Outlook, and IceWarp. This new release of IceWarp is set for some time later this year.

Previously there have been several workaround solutions trying to keep all professional notes synchronized between iOS 6, Outlook and IceWarp. As can be expected, all of them have had shortfalls of one type or other. However with the release of iOS 7 last week, users will be able to keep their notes synchronized without the need for an external application.

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The fact that Apple confirmed a new feature to allow iOS 7 users to synchronize personal notes as well as e-mail, contacts, calendars and reminders from Outlook was met with much anticipation. This means that mobile workers will be able to simultaneously update their Notes on IceWarp Web Client, MS Outlook, and any iOS 7 supported devices.

Michael Filip, who is a mobile device specialist at IceWarp, said “Having Outlook Notes at your fingertips is a great everyday feature. You can jot down notes or list items either to yourself to process when back at the computer, share them with your coworkers, or file them to client-specific or project-specific folders simply by swiping to the right and selecting from a list of accounts. These folders can be even created, renamed, moved or deleted right from the iOS device. There's nothing like that on Android and Windows Phone either.”

With IceWarp’s next version users will be able to use several BYOD features. Some of these will include:

Device feature control: IceWarp administrators will be able to restrict user e-mail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and others. They also can disable a mobile device’s built-in camera, text messaging, Wi-Fi, and removable storage of a connected device.

Selective remote wipe: If a personal device is lost, administrators can also selectively wipe only company related data. In the past most services have usually only accommodated a full wipe of both personal and company data.

Device endorsement: IceWarp administrators can also selectively preset which devices are able to connect the company network. In the past, most services have provided only user certificates. Once a user is approved to connect to the company network, they could connect any device they own. With the next IceWarp update it will be possible to individually verify which devices can and can’t be connected to a company network.

Folder management: Users can create, move, rename and delete folders right from supported devices. This works for mail folders in most devices, as well as calendars, contacts, reminders and notes in iOS devices. The whole folder structure can be freely manipulated, exclusive to IceWarp's "GroupWare as Email” function, even in apps where the mobile OS is lacking the UI controls.

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